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    Now that there is a difference between categories and tags, is there any way I can add tags from within Windows Live Writer? It only has the taskbar for categories, plus the option of adding tags from sites like technorati or livejournal. The tag providers list can be edited, but I need to know the HTML code etc. to put in there, so that WordPress tags can be also added. Does a WordPress admin or expert member know the right codes or fillers for WLW tag providers option?



    Have you checked at the WLW site?

    From: Joe Cheng [MSFT]	Sent: 9/12/2007 12:46 AM
    There was talk on the WP xmlrpc list of supporting the mt-keywords field, although I don't know what build includes that feature. If so, you can edit your registry in the following way. Add to the following key:
    HKCU\Software\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\{blog-id}\UserOptionOverrides
    a string value supportsKeywords="Yes". That will add a keywords field to the bottom of Windows Live Writer (hit the double-arrow next to the date control).


    From: Joe Cheng [MSFT]	Sent: 9/13/2007 1:35 AM
    Well, until now nobody has been really using that KW field. If WP 2.3 tags prove popular we would definitely look at improving the experience for them...

    Taken from the WLW forum by Joe Cheng, one of the builders of WLW



    Thanks guys. Although I am not quite sure that I can change anything in the registry. On the one hand, what some people say about WLW registry strings here (in other posts) doesn’t quite correspond to what I see in my registry. On the other hand, there is a GUI option to choose external tag providers in WLW. I’d prefer messing within this GUI rather than registry. The GUI has the following fields: Provider name (I suppose WordPress can be put there); HTML template for each tag (that looks like: ); HTML preview (looks like: Tags: , ); plus two more fields that are OK for any provider.
    So I put WordPress as a provider and wordpress instead of example in the fields above, wrote a test page and posted it. The post had a line “WordPress tags: xxxxx” (with xxxx being my tags).
    Plus I wrote a test post from within wordpress online editor to compare the results. This post didn’t have any mention of tags, although I inserted them in the tag line within the WordPress editor on the site.
    So I am now at a loss. Is something wrong with WordPress tags and online editor (then I am all right still using WLW)?
    But since tags from a WLW-written post were OK and worked I suppose I am spared the pain of experimenting with my registry (still, thanks guys for this registry hint) and also I am more inclined to avoid using online editor on WordPress site.



    But now I am at a greater loss. Both post (from WordPress online editor and posted through WLW) that were test post and contained a few words of texts, and tags (though tags were seen only in the post made through WLW) can no longer be seen either in the blog or in the admin area where I wanted to delete them. They were mysteriously gone. Then they appeared again and it happened like that several times (appear-disappear). Is it another buggy day for WordPress?



    to tiamatsdisciple: At first tags from the WLW-posted post redirected me to a page with a tag cloud. Now they redirect me to my dashboard. So it is either another WP bug or something was wrong in my GUI-based attempt.
    On the other hand, now WP-posted posts show tags and clicking redirects me correctly to the page with recent posts with the same tag. (I added that string to the registry as advised and that seems to have helped).



    Since Live Writer Beta 3, it became part of “Windows Live” and various paths to things changes, so instead of the files being installed in
    Program files\Windows Live Writer they are now in
    Program files\Windows Live\Writer
    similarly the reg key that Joe mentions above at:
    HKCU\Software\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\{blog-id}\UserOptionOverrides should read:
    HKCU\Software\Windows Live Writer\Weblogs\{blog-id}\UserOptionOverrides
    for pre-Beta 3 – no backslash before “Writer”, and now for Beta 3 should read:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\{blog-id}\UserOptionOverrides
    (not the addition of “Microsoft” in this registry location path)

    I tried the reg key and it seemed to work, I get a double arrow. But now my WLW is flaky and keeps falling over when I try to edit pre-existing drafts, even after taking the reg key back out. Might need a reinstall. I’ll post back if I get a positive fix.



    NB: if you don’t change WLW to have keywords and you use it to edit a post which has had tags added through the web interface, you will lose the tags when you republish:



    I changed the registry before installing WLW Beta 3 and I had keyword field added to WLW. But it remained there even after installing WLW Beta 3. I guess the reason is that installation overwrites registry only to the point of changing what’s been changed since previous version. Anyway, I haven’t used tags yet and don’t know about any issues with editing and republishing. When I used WLW Beta 3 to republish a post that had been shown in question marks, everything worked fine.


    WordPress.com has been updated to enable the keywords feature in Windows Live Writer. After restarting Windows Live Writer and starting a new post you’ll see a “Keywords” field in the post properties area.

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