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tags and wordpress localisation / localization - find local post blogger

  1. is there any way of finding out posts that are from a certain country?
    other than if the post happens to be tagged appropriately (ie uk, usa, france etc)

    so WITHIN THE WORDPRESS community only i'd like to find all the posts tagged [ZZZZ] from, say, the UK OR from a certain timezone as that might be equivalent...we do after all enter the timezone information in our profiles so it would be nice to be able to use it.

    Hope I explained it well.

    I appreciate the www is global

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read what you find here global tags and note that bloggers choose whether or not to assign country tags or categories to their posts. What I blog about is not focused on Canada, so I don't use that Category or Tag because the text in my posts do not contain that word and search engine spiders can detect that. I don't use geotagging for the same reason. It's not relevant to what I blog about and where I live does not appear in the text in my posts.

    You can also use Google search as well.
    Canada is the search string format
    results >

  3. from a certain timezone

    I have zero use for such information. I have two blogs:
    WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials focused on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog & effective blog promotion.
    Note that where I live is irelevant and so is the timezone I live in.
    A personal development and self improvement blog, focused on overcoming challenges through skillful means, and living the simple life to the fullest.
    Note that where I live is irelevant and so is the timezone I live in.

  4. thank you

    so in google the following sort of search seems to work for what I intended although the syntax may be incorrect (ie not sue if the tag bit is ignored)

    uk tag:football-club

  5. Wrong format.
    UK football club
    results >

  6. If there is a particular language associated with that country uniquely, you could do a search of for a word in that language, and presumably only those blogs would turn up.

  7. Great idea! Bookmarking.

  8. Won't do much good with Arabic or English, though, alas.


    this searches the english language and uses the google advanced search page and seems to find UK pages (withOUT using the word not reliant on a tag). Tho I'm not quite sure it works as i think/hope it does!

    I kind of really wanted just the blogs and not individual pages..but this does enough of the job i think building on your suggestions/instructions...ty!,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bb744fced20ef6b4&biw=1237&bih=883

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