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tags appearing on posts

  1. hello, I am wondering how I can remove the tags that are showing at the end of my posts, while not eliminating their use?

    I am using twenty eleven theme, and using the "read more" tab leaves almost as many tags as words...not so pretty.

    thank you for any advice, in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Tags can be removed the same way they are added, go to the post and click the small X next to each tag - on right-hand corner of screen.

    Or you can go to dashboard > posts > tags >

    and delete them from there permanently - they will be removed form all posts.

  3. yes, I understand that I can eliminate them in that way, however, if I do that, then these posts are not searchable by tag, or am I misunderstanding something?

  4. You've got that right. You can hide them with the Custom Design upgrade, or you can use either Pilcrow or Albeo, which allow you to hide tags.

  5. Thank you!
    okay, I have the custom upgrade, can someone please explain how I can do this?

  6. oops I sent that too soon:
    I dont know what pilcrow or Albeo there a link that can explain?


  7. Pilcrow and Albeo are different themes. They are the only ones I know of that have the ability to hide tags without Custom Design.

    The CSS edit necessary to hide tags is different on every theme. Look in the Theme forum to see if someone has posted it for your theme.

  8. thankyou, raincoaster, for your help--very useful. I will go and do a search now. have a good day!

  9. I'm sorry but the Pilcrow and Albeo themes do not have Theme Options for hiding Tags/Categories.

    It's actually the iNove and the Monochrome themes that have the ability to suppress categories and tag display.

  10. Oh really? My brain must not be working: there IS a theme that allows this that starts with a P though, and of course the name escapes me at the moment.

  11. No to worry as my brain is frequently foggy too. However, I know what I posted above is correct because I tried them on my test blog before I posted.

  12. so to receive an answer to my original question must I go elsewhere? the css forum or the them forum? or can I get help here?
    I have the upgrade and I am using Twenty Eleven
    so if someone can guide me it should be possible to hide them, am I understanding correctly?

  13. You must either use one of the two themes TT posted OR you must post to the CSS forum (but first do a search of that forum, because someone almost certainly already asked it and received the answer).

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