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    I noticed that one tag only in my new blog has become a hot link. In my original blog, they are all hot links. I want them to all be hot links. I did nothing in either case to get them to be hot links. Is this just a matter of how many times they are used?

    The blog I need help with is richardmitnick.wordpress.com.



    Please be very specific and detailed so we can understand you.The tags on your blog in the P2 theme are all links to posts in your own blog. On your March 26, 2010 post these are the tags Tags: Classical Music (35), Living Composers (28), NPR/music (8), Public Distributed Computing (2), Public Radio (31), WNYC (8), WPRB (7), WQXR
    All of those tags are working links correctly linked to posts in your own blog. What was/is your expectation?


    Sorry, I thought that the tags might be something which another person might be using in a search and that my post would thus come up for that person.



    You appear to have your blog set to block search engines; this will take it off the Global Tag Pages and eliminate the chances of your blog coming up in a search engine.

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