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Tags between my Heading and body of context.

  1. When I preview or publish my post, I am seeing a paragraph of all my tags in between my headline and body of post. I do not now how to get rid of it.

    I have a tag cloud widget but that didn't help.

    Blog url:

  2. Cannot submit content as it does not show up in the code. The tags just appear between my heading and body of post! I am perplexed!

  3. Those are the tags that you have assigned to the specific post.

    There is no direct way to remove them, but you can hide them via CSS if you have a Custom Design upgrade.

    Also, please keep in mind that they amount of tags you have chosen will prevent your posts from being listed in the Reader and Topics listings.

  4. Thanks so much Happines Engineer.

  5. You're welcome!

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