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Tags: Big or small capital?

  1. When I chose a tag for my post I can write the tag using big or small capital. If I write a tag using both big and small capital I will have two different tags. Is it a difference between the two of them?

    Project 365
    project 365

    Will people looking for project 365 not find my posts tagged Project 365?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think that case is irrelevant in tags

  3. But I want to know for sure ;-)

  4. It appears it doesn't matter to WordPress:

    In the navigation bar:
    The Topic Titles Are All Capitalized Here:
    (On The Global Tags Page)!/topics/

    (Though The Title Of The Page Is Capitalized…)

  5. Great thanks. Why didn't I think about checking it out like that??? Hmm...
    Thanks again


  6. It also occurs to me that if you try to change a category name with an initial first letter into one with a capital letter, the software won't allow it: it "thinks" it is the same name.

  7. At my computer it was allowed... ? I have two tags, one with big capital letter and one with small...


  8. That can happen when you import blog posts from another blog. If you used one case on one blog and the other on the other blog, your Category list will include both, but they will function exactly the same.

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