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Tags, Category and Searchengines

  1. I´m wonderingabout an answer in another post

    Is it only in WPc searchengine the tags wont be showing up if they´re not in a category?

    I don´t like a lot of categories made up by word. So I use bigger 'groups' like politic, health society and so on. When I write something in those topics.

    Do you mean that if I don´t use exactly those words in my blogpost, noone will find my blog or does it means that nooneeo will find anything else I write if they don´t search för the exact word I have in my category?

    You see, when I look at swedish tags, it´s strange words showing, so I´m not sure that swedish people understand this though we have been learned that tags are searchword for the whole topic at internet, and you should not use more than 4-5 for each post.

  2. Is it only in WPc searchengine the tags wont be showing up if they´re not in a category?

    Other people can find your tags because the searchengine spiders s from Technorati, MSN, Yahoo, etc. will find them.
    You can create cateogories in either language or both using compound English and Swedish titles and put either the English word or the Swedish word in brackets.
    Example: category - Science (Swedish word for science).
    Now the wordpress tag page will show your category and people searching will be able to find your posts.

  3. Thanks a lot for the answer. Don´t think it´s for any use to write english words, my blogs are in swedish so noone will understand them :-)

  4. I'm sorry I didn't clearly understand you. You do not have to use any English words at all. You can use only words in Swedish for your categories. Look for Swedish links in the languages list on the left hand side on this page

  5. Thank you, I had just noticed that page when I was looking around to link to pages, I´ve written a swedish post on WPc, forum and FAQ.
    Then I found that page and saw that I was on both top post, top blog and growing blogs :-D, thats fun ´cause I´ve only been here for a couple of weeks.

  6. Wasn't that a nice surprise? I thought you'd be smiling when you saw it. :D

  7. Does this mean that when I tag my blogs, they don't show up in wordpress unless I ALSO mark a category? I'm confused. How do you even do that? I've been only checking off tags. I did name categories for the whole site when I began it, but not for individual posts.

    I am curious about something else: I notice some strange combinations of words in the "Search" report on BlogStats and wonder where these come from--if someone searches in, say, Google, for the word "cheerleaders," they'll be directed to my post "GIrls Don't Wanna Cheer Girls" because I tagged it with "cheerleaders"? Is that right? If so, That's pretty straightforward--but I've gotten stuff like "bathtub poem", presumably because my blog's title is "Dirty Laundry" and one of my tags is poetry.

    And finally: Should tags be one word only or a few words if necessaary? I tagged "Parrots" for "Parrots of Telegraph Hill" because I thought the latter was too long.

    Thanks for any responses.

  8. Here at tags and categories are synonymous. In other words, at your tags are the categories you assign to the individual posts. If you do not assign categories to them then your posts will not appear on the tag pages. You will find posts in this blog that provide advice for tagging and categories

    Search engine spiders from MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. will find the post title, headings and keywords in your posts. The following thread contains some information regarding how to get search engine attention that you may also find useful

    Whether or not you are writing from a negative or positive viewpoint the posts will be tagged "Cheerleaders" or "Parrots", using your examples above. "Parrots" will simply mean your post will get lumped in with posts on birds. What's best is using a few words as possible that accurately describe the post's contents. Example: "Politics, Telegraph Hill" could be a category. As I am a Canadian I would probably use "Babblegab" or "Politico-Speak".

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