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    I used to use just Categories, but decided weeks ago to convert the Categories to Tags, and use the Tag Cloud as a widget. This seemed to go fine, however, I haven’t seen this Tag Cloud update since then, nor can I get it to update. I have over 200 tags, but I certainly don’t have half that many in the Tag Cloud.

    Am I missing something here?



    The number of tags in the tag cloud is limited by WP.com. It seems to vary from blog to blog just what that limit is, though.



    What is a “tag cloud’?


    Try not to over due it with tags make sure that they revalent to your topic.



    A tag cloud is a widget that displays the tags you have used in your posts in varying sizes based on the number of times used. A category cloud does the same thing, except it looks at categories.



    What is the difference between tags and categories? If they’re the same things, then what’s the reason with having two widgets that do the same thing? Are categories just more specific?


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