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Tags extension

  1. I have a suggestion, some form of tagging. I know has this now with the Tag Browser - but there is no way to add tags to posts and use them in the blog.

    If you want to have a look at how some people have done it with WP, look at Ultimate tag warrior

  2. Not social bookmarking. It's just that sometimes categories are too rigid. for example, I'm starting a macblog and let's say I write a few articles on a particular application instead of making categories for *every* software application, I can tag it with it's name, and still put it in the generic Software category.

  3. I'd love to see something like Ultimate Tag Warrior here.

  4. Sounds useful. Maybe you should submit that as a Feedback, so the staff can put it on the "Consider" list.

  5. How do I do that?

  6. You know that you can set a parent category for another category, so that if someone is looking at all posts tagged “software” for instance, on your site, it would include posts not explicitly tagged that but tagged with a daughter category. Or am I misunderstanding?

  7. No, that's right darmok.

    To submit a Feedback, just go to your Dashboard and up at the top on the right (I think it's the right) it'll say Feedback. Click on that and it'll take you to an automated form for suggestions, requests, and error reporting. This goes directly to the staff.

  8. @bdude
    Sending the feedback is good but darmok also is conveying something that you can do. You have categories currently. You can make each one into a "parent" category and then create sub-categories under each one like "children". The category and sub-categories would be displayed like this:
    - Delicious
    - Granny Smith
    - McIntosh
    If you want specific instructions on how to do this and how to configure your categories widget to dislay the hierarchical structure please post again.
    P.S. The Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in is made for blogs. As the two operate on different software it would have to be completely re-coded to work on

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