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    Hi again,

    Another question regarding Chunk. I apply tags to posts and I have just applied the same tag to two separate ones for the first time.

    This caused it to enlarge within the Tag cloud to reflect, I suppose, its increased use relative to single use tags. The thing is that on Chunk at least it looks as ugly as sin, I thought it was a graphical corruption before I worked out what it was doing.

    Is there anyway you can alter the CSS to make all tags display in the tag cloud in a common manner, irrelevant of frequency of use?



    The blog I need help with is onlyvictoryneedsnoexplanation.wordpress.com.


    I don’t see any way to do that although I thought someone had come up with a solution for that previously. With Chunk, and it looks like things might have been changed in the tag cloud, the font sizes for the tags are calculated in the PHP script files for the theme and inserted directly into the HTML. That means it is virtually impossible to override since the settings in the HTML always take precedent over everything else.


    Ah shame, it looks truly awful unfortunately. Thanks anyway.


    The Category cloud widget has settings where you can control how it displays and the size of the text, but the tag cloud does not. I’ve requested that the tag cloud widget be updated with those controls, but it has never happened.


    Is there anyway you can alter the CSS to make all tags display in the tag cloud in a common manner, irrelevant of frequency of use?

    I think that’s doable. Try this:

    #wp_tag_cloud div a {
    	font-size: 12px !important;

    However, I’d recommend keeping the sizing. It will look better once you have more tags, and the different sizes make it interesting. I think point of a cloud style display is to make it so more frequent tags stand out easily.


    Thought I would try it and see how it looks and maybe remove it later when the tag cloud gets bigger.

    This CSS didn’t actually alter the enlarged tag I have at the moment though.




    I tested it in a couple different browsers. I can look again a bit later if you leave the CSS you added in place.


    Oh, have done. I use Safari incidentally.


    I checked your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS, and the example I posted for you isn’t saved there. If you save the CSS from the example, it should work. See https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tags-font-enlarging-when-used-more-than-once?replies=8#post-941987


    Hi there.

    I did actually try the CSS a couple of weeks back when you first posted it but it didn’t make a difference so I removed it. I have tried it again and same result, the single tag I have that is allocated to two posts is still notable larger than the rest.




    Hi again,

    Your comment about superfluous ‘-‘ symbols in my CSS on another thread has solved this one too.

    Thanks a lot.



    Oh good! At first I wasn’t sure if that was related or not. :)

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