tags from private blog on public pages?

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    tags from private blogs appears on the public pages (for sample at: http://wordpress.com/), why???
    anyway nobody can’t read posts with this tags.



    wordpress.com tags and categories work in 2 ways, locally and globally. Local tags and categories are found in the widgets in your sidebar an point to posts on your blog only. Global tags and categories are found under or above your post title or content (depending on your theme) and refer to categories and tags found on all blogs on wordpress.com. The idea is so you can find similar content on other blogs. This function cannot be turned off, that is how wordpress.com works. If the blog is private, no one can read it, so I don’t see a problem with the tags being displayed. Mind you, someone else, with an open blog, may be using the same tags, and the tags and categories displayed on wordpress.com cannot distinguish between private and public tags and categories.

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