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Tags in Cloud - Too Many!

  1. Hi all,

    Not long started on WP, I'm tagging each post with maximum 2 or 3 tags each. Seems to me wont be long before the tag cloud will get huge. Any way of limiting the tag cloud to, say, top 20 used tags, or do i have to edit manually?

    Also, I found it once but cant find it now - how to set maximum/minimum tag font size for display... ?

    Many TIA...

  2. What you remember having found is the settings for the Category Cloud, not the Tag Cloud. Stangely, in the Tag Cloud you can't edit anything. The number of tags is set to a maximum of 45.

  3. Thanks... So do I assume that, if I go over 45 tags, the tags not displayed will be A) the most recent or B) the 'least tagged?' ?

    Probably just easier to limit my tags, eh?!

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