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    When I click a tag on one of my own posts, WordPress brings me to a page containing ALL posts with this tag. Is there a way to make it so my readers can click one of my tags and just see MY posts under this tag? Aside from tag clouds, is there a way to do this in the sidebar?



    The tags and categories that appear under your post lead back to the WordPress tag pages; there’s no way to change that. If you use the categories widget in Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets or either of the category or tag cloud widgets, then a list of your categories will appear in the sidebar for your readers to click. Hope that helps.


    Thanks for the help. I have some clean-up I have to do on my blog now.



    You’re welcome. And I should clarify that the category widgets will only work if you’re using categories; otherwise the tag cloud one will do what you want. Hope that didn’t confuse you! Happy blogging. :)


    Just curious… is there a way to delete some of my categories? I have been confusing them for tags, so I have a lot. I’m in the process of fixing this, but I will eventually want to delete many of the unused categories before enabling the category widget.



    If you go to Dashboard > Manage > Categories you can delete them there or edit them. Unused categories won’t appear in your sidebar, though, so it doesn’t matter too much if you leave them.



    Alternately, if you want to have tags in your posts that don’t lead to wordpress tag pages, you could use the method found over at Lorelle on WordPress. I just started using it last week, and after some fine tuning for my theme, it works exceptionally well.

    The downside is that you can’t have a tag cloud, but I’m okay with that trade off. Nobody’s ever used my tag cloud anyway.



    This is kinda lame. And really confusing for my visitors, too. I don’t understand why it’s set up like this. I’m fine with linking to all tags on wp.com, but shouldn’t that be made clear?

    Something like “more on this blog about: whatever, whatever 2” and then “more on other blogs about: whatever, whatever 2” or somesuch would be far better and much less confusing. I bet the people who click the tags and end up elsewhere don’t even bother to read the other posts anyway; they probably just go back to the blog they were reading before, and probably pretty annoyed, at that.


    The global vs local tag issue has been debated vigorously and many times in these forums and the bottom line is that they are still the same. You can send your comments in to support, but that’s about all we have to offer. We volunteers here in the forum are simply that, volunteers and have no pull or sway over TPTB (the powers that be).



    It is one of those topics that are just win/lose depending on your views. Debating them, however, will not change anything though! Your feedback to staff is the only way! :)




    I didn’t mean to sound as if I was trying to start a debate as much as I was (still am) trying to understand their reasoning and suggesting a less confusing way to do this that would make everyone happy (having both local and global tags listed).

    Sorry if I came off rude or something.



    No worries; it’s just a contentious issue that people have been discussing for awhile. Nobody is quite sure why WP.com set things up this way for the tags as well as the categories; they’ve taken enough crap from people for the counterintuitive way the categories work! But it does bring a huge search engine optimization advantage, so that’s some consolation.



    Your feedback to staff is the only way! :)

    OK, now that made me giggle.

    The reasoning behind the tag/category setup is very simple; it maximises backlinks to the tags pages and by extension the ad revenue from those pages. Since wordpress.com only serves ads under a fairly narrow set of circumstances, they have to work hard to make the ads they do show as profitable as possible. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not; it’s not going to change.

    (I could have sworn I posted this earlier. Too much festive indulgence, no doubt.)



    I never said they should stop doing it, though. I just said they should do it in a way that is less confusing for readers.



    trying to understand their reasoning and suggesting a less confusing way to do this that would make everyone happy (having both local and global tags listed).

    since the very inception of hijacking users cats in the post meta section many were trying to do the same. so far without any success, all they’ve got instead of reasonable explanation/resolving the issue — just enough of crap perpetuated into myth (see below).

    currently, I’m inclined to agree it’s ‘like deep down they know this is a straight lame and they’re ashamed of this’. as yet only Andy (one of the .com devs) had enough guts to admit that “Global Tags isn’t great“.

    > they should do it in a way that is less confusing for readers.

    ‘scuseme, but who cares about usability in the corporate world, really?

    yeah, .org describes itself as “a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.” but small talk is so cheap, and the falling Snow is so captivating, isn’t it..?

    and here we are again:

    >  But it does bring a huge search engine optimization advantage

    no, it doesn’t, that unsupported allegation has been refuted on multiple occasions, here in these very forums as well.

    in so far so called VIP pro blogs have their cats/tags all go local (despite they are supposed to be global by the Automattic’s precondition) this fact just proves that is nothing but just another fable around here.

    and as per FAQ (which is written exclusively by the staff, btw):

    Is there any advantage to using tags or categories or both?

    Not here at WordPress.com and not for any search engines, no.

    perhaps, there is an advantage for the Automattic Inc. but, surely, not for the .com bloggers themselves.



    I just said they should do it in a way that is less confusing for readers.

    I have to admit that I have yet to hear a convincing explanation of why global tag/category links can’t be labelled as such. Presumably Automattic benefits in some way from tricking readers into heading for the global tag pages rather than remaining on the original blog, but it remains unclear exactly what they gain from this extra traffic since we’re told they don’t show ads to those people. (I have no idea whether that is actually true. I have difficulty believing anything Automattic say on the subject of ads nowadays.)



    Wank, I was wondering if you could help me with some CSS to get the “tag cloud” widget on the dinurial theme on my site to format them so they are padded from the edges and have the overflow hidden because it is driving me insane and I think I have tried everything I can think of….. Any help would be appreciated ;)



    I’ve given up on the tag cloud here at .com until it is somehow fixed.



    While I know it will not be a “list” unless they change the formatting of the widget, it should be able to be “styled” to look the same! I hope someone can come up with some code for it!



    Yeah, the problem is if you have one tag that you use a lot, and it happens to be quite long, it doesn’t wrap so it hangs off the side. I have two friends that would pay for the CSS upgrade and have me fix it for them if only I knew how. I’ve tried a few things in Firebug, but haven’t yet had any joy.

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