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Tags no longer work

  1. The tags do not work on my posts any longer.

    I tried the fix suggeste here

    3 or 4 times (logging out, logging in ; closing browser, rebooting) and it doesn't help.

    Posts do not appear in the tags categories they're put in when the post gets posted.

    Does anyone have a suggestion, or how to bring this to the attention of the web administrators?

  2. Maybe you need to clear your cache and restart your computer, to see that it's working? Cuz I just went through every tag on your first 3 entries (there were a lot of them, LOL) and every tag was indexed on WP. In fact, almost every tag, you're the featured author.

  3. ;-)

    thanx -- I've seen that happen episodically as I've tried to fix this problem -- but they seem to disappear, and they do not reappear as one of the list of posts under that tag

    e.g., under Democrats my post is at the top -- it goes away eventually -- but its not listed anywhere around the "5 hours ago" under other tags, like "Politics" or "barack obama"

  4. Any chance this problem is being caused somehow by this improvement:

    That's a nice feature, but if the programming for it is interfering with the "tags" categorization of posts, well then that's a big problem

  5. My tags aren't working either! For about a week and a half now, I put in new tags, and teh don't show up in my tag cloud. Can anyone help with this?

    thank you

  6. I have exactly the same problem as "thecreme". Anyone?

  7. If you have too many tags, they autimatically dont show up on the tag surfer...

  8. how many did you put? in the one where they started not appearing?

  9. I know the tag cloud is limited to 45 tags, and I have several hundred. The cloud always shows the same ones. Is it supposed to change, and if so, which 45 is it supposed to show? Most recent?

  10. Nobody knows. I don't see the point of keeping it a secret, either. Might be most used, though.

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