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    My problem has nothing to do with global tag searches, which is all I find when I run searches for “tags” in support.

    I would like to see the tags I associate with a post… in that post. For example, I have used Livejournal in the past. When I tag an entry “dogs” Livejournal generates a line in the post: “tags: dogs”

    I cannot get tags to display on my entries in my WordPress blog. The Tag Cloud displays, and I can certainly add tags when I write a post. But I can’t see them later, which can be frustrating if I look back at a post and wonder “Oh, did I remember to add that tag?”

    Could this be related to the layout I choose?

    Thank you.


    Try posting your comment in this thread. It sounds related to these issues:



    I’m sorry, but you don’t appear to have read my problem. As I stated, I don’t care at all about the global tagging system (which is what the thread you linked to is about).

    My concern is that the tags I apply to my posts do not show up in my blog. When I view my blog (gamerlibrarian.wordpress.com) NONE of my posts appear to have any tags. I am not trying to find my posts through a global tagging system, nor am I searching for my tags on Google- my tags to not appear on my own WordPress blog.

    Does WordPress simply not display the tags you apply to your posts? I have looked at the blog a so-worker uses, and the categories she applies to her posts are displayed at the top of each post. Are tags simply not displayed? That was not mentioned in the “Difference Between Tags and Categories” post. I really prefer tags and the tag cloud on my blog. However, if they don’t show up on individual posts I will need to start using categories.


    Whether tags are displayed in at the post is theme specific. Some themes display the categories and tags, and some do not. The theme you have chosen does not.


    If you want the tags and categories to show, you will have to change themes.



    A handful of themes don’t display the tags or categories for each individual post. Chaotic Soul is one of them.


    Thank you. I will have to look for a new theme then. I was worried it was connected.

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