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tags not working properly

  1. I have a tag cloud and a categories list to enable topic navigation around my blog. At the moment clicking a tag/category in either most often leads to "Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here." For example: which has, up to now, led to 115 posts. I noticed that tage were working erratically a couple of hours back. On the other hand, the function is working fine. So is search under the word "immigration", which of course is different:

  2. I think it's related to the problem in this thread:

    It's being worked on at the moment and hopefully will be fixed soon.

  3. Similar problem with tags. Clicking on any of the tags in the 'Categories' widget displays the correct path in the browsers address bar, but actually takes you to the front page and displays my last 10 posts.

    Also, clicking on the link at the bottom of the front page 'Previous entries' displays the same page, the 10 last posts.

  4. same problem as pemadesign

  5. maybe you should try changing the tag to something else,to see if that works

  6. Excuse me. I agree with cjwriter. Have you checked and noted what the Key Master says here

  7. I'm having similar problems. Only the links in the "Categories" widget on my blog are not working.

  8. The same for me.. I hope that WP team will fix this trouble soon...

  9. @angellust
    Sometimes making changes does wake-up unresponsive tags, it's true. I think though in this case the issue might be beyond this, and that it's best to wait, as timethief suggests, until it's resolved before making any changes.


  11. I just made a new tag > Comments-WTF

    But it's not showing in the category widget yet.

  12. But I can't get to blogs from the main homepage of tags. It just keeps giving me the whole pages of tags everytime I pick a particular one. That was what I was trying to explain before but I don't think anyone gets what I'm saying.

  13. There are systemic Tag, Blogroll, and Link issues that are being worked on by staff. It may take several hours to fix it all.

  14. @ janusgate

    True, the is bugged too.

    You can work around it by writing the tag into the addressfield manually, like:


    Also see

    - Biyang Hansen

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