Tags of scheduled posts don’t show up on tag overview pages

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    When I schedule a post for future publication and include tags, they don’t work once the post appears on my blog. They do show on my blog, but when I click on them, my blog post isn’t shown in the list of the particular tags (so this is after the actual publication of the post).

    The only way I found to solve this, is to take away all tags once the post has been published, save the post, and then put back the tags and save the post again. But this is laborious, and also it won’t work when I’m travelling.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Tags generate a lot of the traffic to my blog and it would be great to be able to include them (and have them actually work) also for scheduled posts. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is kattekliek.wordpress.com.


    This has been a problem from time to time in the past, but I haven’t heard of it happening in quite a while.

    Typically if you open the post after it has published, make a minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then clicking “update post” it will then show up in the tags pages.

    My suggestion is to contact staff directly at http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ as it is something they will have to track down and fix.



    Thanks, I’ll contact them right away!


    There is another issue that could be causing this. Due to abuse by tags spammers, wordpress now has a sort of tag/category limit. You want to keep the total of tags + categories under 12. As an example if you have one category assigned to a post, you can have 11 tags. If you have 3 categories assigned to a post, you can have 9 tags.

    Again, this was due to tag spamming abuse. In some instances people were assigning the same 100 tags to all of their posts regardless of whether they were appropriate or not. In other cases, people had more tags assigned to their posts than they had words in the post.


    This is a known bug, and we are working to resolve it but we don’t have a solution just yet. If your scheduled posts are missing from the tags pages, opening each one and clicking the Update Post button is the best workaround for now. Note that you should also watch the total number of tags and categories used as thesacredpath mentioned, and check the support page about missing posts to make sure you have everything else in order.

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