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    My blog dashboard is telling me that I have more than 2,000 tags now and I would like to know if I should start deleting some of these at some point – – and if I do delete them will the blog posts they are attached to disappear or anything like that?

    I will really appreciate any information that anyone can give me on this topic and thanks in advance for whatever help you can give.

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    My Blog:


    The blog I need help with is americanliberaltimes.com.



    Tags are optional, so nothing happens to your posts if you delete a tag. (Even if you delete a category, again the posts don’t disappear: if a post has been filed under a single category, and you delete that category, the post is automatically reassigned to the category you’ve set as your default in Settings > Writing.)

    You don’t have to delete tags. But they’re not very useful either. Tags were (and are) abused a lot, so search engines nowadays pay attention to your content rather than your tags. Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts on tags:

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