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    I have been finding a lot of information on what tags are but can find very little on how to implement them (beyond references to plug-ins).
    I am interested in tutorials and references that explain:

    1) the differences in tags (e.g. how do the colored tags that show up behind the posts at WordPress -> new tags page -> open source differ from technorati tags)?

    2) what is the syntax and procedure for tagging words in your blog

    3) how do you let the various tag aggregators know you’ve posted a tagged blog.

    Looking forward to your responses



    1) Categories do double duty here. They’re used to help organize your Posts and used as tags for the tag aggregators.

    2) Assign your Posts to Categories.

    3) They know what they are. They’re looking for keywords at the end of URLs.

    Hope this helps,



    Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, WordPress “tags” = blog categories?

    I read the article suggested by Collin before I posted and it was useful but…

    I still don’t understand the technorati tagging syntax. Where do the tags go? What format do they take? Can I do it with out a plug-in?

    I realize plug-ins make life easier but I’m the kind of person who likes to understand what’s being done before I have an automated process do it.

    Thanks for the responses so far.




    Put technorati tage into the body of the post.

    Hope this shows up as code:

    <a href="http://technorati.com/tag/tags" rel="tag">tags</a>

    The above code example should be used to create tag code

    and this code should be a tag for example
    <a href="http://technorati.com/tag/example" rel="tag">example</a>



    brillianttides – proceed to technorati.com, register with them, create a 250 character summary for each blog and 20 tags, claim your blog(s), configure your blog(s). This has been discussed many times before on the forum type technorati into the search box and read the threads please.



    brillianttides, yes, “tags” as discussed here are WordPress Categories.

    Don’t worry about technorati tags. Your WordPress category tags (which is what we really should be calling them) will be picked up by Technorati fine.


    Thank you quotes and drmike, your posts helped.




    OK, folks. Let’s keep it civil here. You all can’t be my ex mother in law in disguise. :)

    I think the point they were trying to make was the information was already here in the forums. We have an issue around here that some folks come in here expecting to be spoon fed everything and can’t be bothered to use the search bar.

    Gotta admit that I find it frustrating at times, myself.


    I must say drmike I’m offended. You take down our posts, ask us to be civil, then put in your own jab. No cheers for you.




    Note the smilely face. I was trying to bring in some humour. See? -> :)

    Excuse me if you were offended. I saw a thread getting out of hand and I acted. If you have an issue with that, feel free to submit a Feedback to staff. I don’t get paid to help out here, I’m a volenter just like everybody else who tries to help out here. I just have a mallet though and I’ve been instructed to use it when I see the need to.



    brilliantideas – drmike was acting as moderator. When threads start to spiral away into such territory removing 1 post makes the thread not only look odd (because a followon post will refer to a deleted one) but it can also seem biased by whoever had their post taken away.
    It’s easier (in some ways) to remove all posts if possible. This time it was possible so that was done. I would have done the same.

    It’s easier still to leave things alone but we like to keep the forums positive and sometimes – albeit rarely – these things need to happen. It’s better for all concerned that these things are removed. It may not seem that way right now, but hopefully it will.



    I deleted the comment left by BI. He wasn’t being civil after being warned twice.

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