TAGS or FILED UNDER now is only leading to my own blogs saying Archives?

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    Late Friday evening I logged in in and noticed when I posted a blog and as usual put Tags ans Filed under. When I posted it I clicked onto the tags or category it didn’t lead me to other blogs with same tags. All I got was my own blogs now saying Tag Archives, Filed Archives.

    So if I click onto Music, Entertainment, Politics, etc….. it only directs me back to the blog I posted or other blogs within the same tags. I haven’t changed one thing as far as settings. This started Friday night upon logging in. Clicking onto Music Tag would take me to Music page with other blogs posted by other people. Same with others…… Now I get my own saying ARCHIVES. What is up with this? Is this happening to anybody else. Again I have not changed any settings at all.

    Whether I log in or out. Clicking onto tags or filed under gets me nowhere but back yo my own blog.

    The blog I need help with is longshotsblues.wordpress.com.


    And that’s another thing, I CAN SPELL.

    But I abc Check before I post and as you can see from my post words are coming out misspelled. This is getting on my last nerve.



    As far as the tags thing https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/categories-incorrectly-displaying-as-tags?replies=21#post-675141 is where Jenia (a Happiness Engineer) discusses this.


    Thanks justjennifer I just read it. They say they are trying some things out.

    Well personally what they are trying out, I don’t like it. Unhappiness Blogger!



    There’s some discussion about it here if you are interested in reading https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/did-you-notice-this?replies=18


    Yes, Thanks Again.



    I’ve just noticed the same issue and also read the forum post in justjennifer’s link. If they are trying some things out it doesn’t seem to be working very well. Without tags linking to similar posts the tags system is pointless in my opinion. Lots of bloggers surf tags and this has stopped that flow from happening. I’ve sent an email to WP asking how and when this will be resolved.


    This is happening to me too…I noticed after making a new post on my blog yesterday. Before when I clicked one of my tags it would lead me to other posts relating to that tag. Now it is just taking me back to my own post. I hope this is not permanent.



    Yes, it’s happening to your blogs. It’s happened to all of us. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/did-you-notice-this?replies=18


    Yes noobcake it now has became POINTLESS TO BLOG.

    You can’t see my blog and I can’t see your blog. But we can see our own blogs, Fun Hey?



    Interesting. I wonder how many people moved to wp because of the ease of switching into global categories from their own post.


    I don’t know, but the forums see people regularly coming here that want the tags and categories in their posts to go local, not to the global tags pages. They don’t want people clicking off their site. For those people, they would be happy campers right about now.



    Looks like Search is getting a makeover as well. If you click through to the front page of WordPress.com and hit the “Tags” tab, there’s now a search box there. (And the Search box in the Admin bar is changed, but I have to admit that the results I have been getting so far from searches are a tad wacko.)



    The amount of outrage that goes around when people find out the tags on their post link to the global tags page is something I won’t miss. HUGE. And traffic from tag pages is effectively zilch. And since last year when they made links from tag pages NoFollow, global tag pages have essentially dropped off my radar. They’re good for tag surfing if you have no ideas of your own.

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