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    Dear WordPress,

    I was going to get around to this in another post, but it just popped into my thoughts really hard, so I’ll do it now.

    Can you please release an occasional update/ announcement that reveals and reminds bloggers – new and established – how many tags per post are allowed. Two years ago no-one told me I had too many; now I spend time informing people who aren’t aware they have too many.

    Last time I spoke directly to you guys it was officially raised to 14, but I stay within 12 to be safe.

    How many tags per post, wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is lexborgia.wordpress.com.


    Technically you can tag your posts with any number of tags.

    However any post on WordPress.com with too many categories and tags will be excluded from the Reader Topics pages. It’s best to use only a few, carefully selected categories and tags for each post — those that are most relevant to what the post is about.

    Also please review Topic Listings support document.




    I already know that. I use 12 tags. What I’m saying is the number of bloggers who don’t know is very high, and they’re more than happy when someone tells them why their reader stats are so low; because their posts are in lost in Spam City.

    I don’t have a problem with tags. Millions of other bloggers do. It would be nice if Wpress sent out some info on tags. Cheers.


    Oh, cool. This information is indeed included in the Tags support document. So it is up to us, the users to find it :-)

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