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  1. I have been trying to get these tags off my site... I don't want them to appear on my finished, published blogg. Can anyone tell me how to remove them?

  2. raincoaster replied to you in the first thread you posted:

  3. as far as i know you will have to edit all the posts and delete them

  4. Well if I edit them and delete the tags then when people search they won't find them based on the tags... right?

  5. if you have categories then why won't people find them? it's the same difference according to the info at the link i posted above

  6. Hmmmm I don't think that's accurate.... I get hits based on my tags

  7. As Ella said, please only have one thread. This just wastes the time of all the volunteers who have to open all your threads on the same issue.

    Categories and tags all show up on your blog posts, and they all lead to the global tag pages. I gave you the proper information.


    "Is there any advantage to using tags or categories or both?
    Not here at and not for any search engines, no.
    Do I have to use tags?
    It is entirely optional.
    Will categories be removed?
    They are here to stay."

  9. Ok thanks for your replies... I'm new at this and I couldn't find my original post ...sorry to waste time

  10. Click the word "member" by your name and you will see every thread you posted on or started.

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