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    OK, so now I understand what the purpose of tags are and I am getting them added to my posts. The piece I don’t understand is: how do I have the tags on your page, point to the Technorati searches that I’m targeting. Which is a recommendation I read in an article and I am not sure what is meant by it. THANK A MILLION for responding if you can clarify this for me!!!!

    My blog is: http://italiandreams.wordpress.com


    To be clear, I meant to say: how do I have the tags on MY page, point to the Technorati searches that I’m targeting? (I was copying the recommendation from the article and didn’t change “your” to “my”)



    It’s done automatically for you wordpress pings a
    number of services for you automatically & Technorati,
    is one of them.

    even though bloggers don’t really care about Technorati,
    that much anymore because there is newer sites that offer
    more than Technorati,



    Also I forgot to mention that the tags you use for your post
    will be the same tags through Technorati, Again you don’t have
    to do anything on your part other than write posts for Technorati,
    to index you’re tags.

    Side note Technorati, counts towards 1% of my reader base
    & that is another reason why bloggers don’t care for the

    I suggest looking into Blog Catalog,

    Example profile


    Goodness, things change quickly. I took a “basics of blogging” class & got the impression that technorati was one of the important sites. I am glad wordpress points to technorati, it just shows how little I know.. when I read these “how to add traffic to your site” articles and I am told to “point my tags to technorati” I imagine it’s something I have to figure out, while I SHOULD know that wordpress does it for me anyway. I am getting myself twisted in a pretzel over trying to get an understanding of what I can BEST DO to increase traffic to my blog!!!S



    Since you mention you have been reading articles on improving traffic
    you might find these articles interesting!


    Top 6 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Fast On The Interweb:

    How To Lock In A Potential Audience



    Technorati really has been critically broken since December. It is among the pre-eminent blog ranking sites, but as its critical flaws interfere with useability it’s becoming marginalized.

    Essentially all WP.com tags also function as Technorati tags, so you don’t need to do anything additionally for that specific thing. But I haven’t seen a hit from a Technorati tag since last year, and I do get a fair number of hits.

    Do a search of the forum, because there are literally hundreds of tips here for increasing readership.



    The SINGLE best thing you can do to increase readership is make sure each post has at least one link, and that the links you do give go to BLOGS, not big websites. That’s counter to most SEO advice, but face it: Wikipedia doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any hits you give them, whereas a blogger will see your link and follow it back and read your post. Maybe they’ll stick around and leave a comment, read the rest of the blog. If they like you, they’ll link back. It’s the most powerful tool there is.

    And I speak as someone who averages 3000 hits a day.



    Hi teck07 and raincoaster,

    Thanks so much for your advice. I joined blogcatalog, thanks for that tip! I am told I have to have a widget on my site or at least a “link back” to blogcatalog and they give me a link back URL but I don’t know where on my blog I am supposed to put it. Do I go under “manage, then under “link categories”? The only category there now is the blogroll but I am not sure if that’s where I’d put the “link back”

    Also, i don’t know anything about widget and how to get them on my site. it is complicated or do you know of a good explanation (video?) that I could follow?

    raincoaster, when you say i need to make sure each of MY posts has a link, are you saying that in the post I should add links to other people’s blogs? How is that different from the blogroll? How does a blogger out there KNOW I have put a link in my post to their blog? How do they see it? Or is there a certain place where I do these links so that the blogger is “pinged”?

    Thank you!!!



    As for the widget I would grab the recent reader widget from blog catalog
    please ask @ there forum to find out where to find the code once you
    have the code you’ll need to come back here & go to Dashboard -> design ->
    Add text widget Then click edit on the widget paste the code click change
    then at the bottom save changes then your done.

    As for the links rain coaster, is speaking about link up to other blogs
    that are talking about the say topic this well help you get Google juice
    as well as Google ranking.

    Here is a example of a blog post linking to another blog about the same topic.
    The New NXE Is Scheduled For A World Wide Release On NOV 19TH



    Virtually nobody clicks on blogroll links, but quite a substantial number of people will click on a link which is in a post. Additionally, those links are more specific, and therefore more meaninful.



    They will see it when they look at their hits, which is why it’s always best to link to people who don’t get a bajillion hits. This is totally counter to most advice, but I’ve always done this and now I have a following which guarantees me three thousand hits a day even on days I don’t post. It works.

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