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    Whenever I ckicl on a tag within my posts I get to the page with results of searching the same tagged posts ony in my language. Posts in other languages with the same tags (irrespective of whether tags are in Russian or English) do not show and there is not even a button or link to switch to search in other languages. That is really a very bad thing.



    Are you sure it isn’t that there aren’t any posts of a different language?

    The global tag pages can’t possibly show every post with a particular tag.

    Also, is this a support question?



    I am sure that some people somewhere out there write about things like Delta Air Lines or Air France in English-speaking blogs, but the search is done only in same-language blogs and my blog is in Russian.

    I recall, that at the beginning the search was wider. But I might be mistaken.

    This is not quite a question, as I am sure it is not addressed. But it fits more to Support section than to Widgets or other forum sections.

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