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    hey list,
    i have questions related to tags.

    first, i was trying to find a page to search tags in wordpress, but i can’t find any. only the tag cloud page. but there are surely a wordpress tags page like this– http://wordpress.com/tag/life/
    so i am wondering why there’s not a place for tags search?

    second, i was confused by the tags linking. when i click on the tags on top of the post, it takes me to the front page wordpress.com, not all the posts in my blog with the same tag. would it possibly be the problem of the code in the template? i am using k2 theme.

    i appreciate any of your advises.


    (1) Using the wordpress.com tag pages — example (note that the category is “key”
    By changing the last word (category) you will find what you are looking for.
    music site:wordpress.com
    politics site:wordpress.com

    2) Using google search. WordPress.com is in the blogging business and Matt has made it clear that they are not in the search business.
    example politics site:wordpress.com

    (3) Global wordpress.com category/tag pages and local tags.
    The category tags either under the post titles or at the end, depending on the theme take you to thw wordpress.com category/tag pages.

    Clicking on any category in the sidebar will take you and your readers to posts within your own blog only.


    Unfortunately I’m using a computer I’m not accustomed to (snarl!)and I cannot edit these out of point (1) above and move them to point (2).
    music site:wordpress.com
    politics site:wordpress.com



    thanks, thistimethisspace, for your detailed reply. :)


    You’re welcome. :)

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