tags, the magic number?

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    I thought that on WordPress, if you used more than 10 tags + categories, it would work against you. Is this correct? Today I went to the Freshly Pressed page and clicked on a blog. The post had 20 tags and 2 categories. What’s up with that? Apparently this blogger was not penalized for too many tags. In fact, he was bestowed with the highest honor WordPress can give. I would love to be on Freshly Pressed!

    The blog I need help with is blogbisogno.wordpress.com.



    Ten is a pretty conservative number: staff have said a dozen, they’ve said 15, it’s hard to pin down.

    But yeah, it’s very annoying when these tag spamming blogs get on Freshly Pressed. Talk about demotivating! If you’re really mean, you can go to those blogs and report them for tag spam, which will promptly remove them from the top standings.


    @mrbisogno: There’s no magic number and no penalizing. See here:

    Also see here how “Freshly Pressed” posts are selected:



    Thanks for the input. Demotivating is the perfect word for this.

    I’m going to up it to 12 right away, then maybe try 15 and see what happens, but only if I feel that particular post might benefit from more tags.

    I’m not interested in getting anyone in trouble. Just trying to get the numbers right…and get featured on Freshly Pressed…..and win the lottery, and….



    Adding more tags won’t help you get on Freshly Pressed. Also, because the chances of being featured (for any blogger, not just you) are fairly slim, you shouldn’t try to expend any extra effort to get on FP. I recommend working on building your audience in other ways.

    Also, @mrbisogno, you don’t look to be a WordPress.com blogger? Your profile takes me to a site that isn’t hosted on WordPress.com. So, if that’s the case, your site isn’t capable of being featured on Freshly Pressed.


    @joynmsu: But neither having only a few will, right?



    I recommend having a few tags on your posts in order to be considered for Freshly Pressed. It’s one of the primary ways we find posts to feature, by scanning tag pages for good content.

    The best choice? Tag your blog posts appropriately. If you’ve done a photo-driven post about a hiking trip to Nepal, then tag it with at least “hiking, nepal, travel, photography.” Before adding tags, ask yourself: “what tags does my post belong in? If I were scanning tag pages, which tags would I expect to see this post in?”

    From an editorial standpoint, when we are selecting Freshly Pressed posts, we don’t look to see how many tags the bloggers has used. But we do look to see that the blogger isn’t a spammer, and the post I’m guessing that upset the forum readers in this thread wasn’t a spammer.



    I think that if you say you find posts via the tag pages and posts with 20 tags are on those pages, that indicates that the tag spamming penalty is enforced only at whim. There’s therefore no reason for everyone not to use 20 tags, or a million.



    Speaking of Freshly Pressed, here is the quantification of my experience to that exposure —


    — Joy was kind and helpful to me and made no promises.

    I don’t think Tags had a lot to do with getting featured in my case.



    In other languages WP.com home page is different, there aren’t Freshly Pressed, but there are a Right Now in Tags column named Right Now in Tags.
    Well, when you publish posts without tags, categories are shown in this column as tags, and all runs well.
    But in http://gl.wordpress.com/ there are a few tags in this column that don’t show anything, and are in great characters. These tags are categories in the blog http://naturaxiz.wordpress.com, open to any reader or search engine.
    I wonder why this tags on homepage don’t get any result.



    Seems I’m tired, sorry for the mistakes.



    Now we know. It was a silly mistake: Language settings was changed to English, and change was forgotten.

    Thanks a lot to the kindly Support Team!

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