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tags to link to own site only

  1. I'm used to the tags behaving like catergories. If you click on one, you get all the posts from the SAME site with that tag. Not hundreds of other results that will most likely be irrelevant (althought slightly interesting) to the user.

    Is there a way to address how they behave on any given site?

  2. If you click on a tag above or under a post, it takes you to the wordpress global tags/categories pages. If you click on a tag in the tag cloud, it takes you to posts on your blog with that tag.

    There is no way to change that.

    With the paid CSS upgrade you can hide the tags under or over the post, but on some (most) themes the tags are in with other data (post metadata), such as date, author, title, etc., so it may hide far more than you intended.

  3. Do not do what sacredpath is telling you, Google considers is deceiving if you "hide" links and can remove all your page rank!

  4. thestrum: yes there is. On the Options / Privacy tab of your blog, choose the middle option (block search engines but allow normal visitors). The tag and category links on each post will point to your own blog instead of to the global tag listings.

  5. Orvab, tsp knows a great deal about what he's talking about. I'd trust his advice.

  6. If you hide links Google thinks it is deceiving and can remove your blog from search results.

  7. @thestrum,

    I should have mentioned what Tellyworth added, but at least for me, I want people to be able to find me via search engines. That may not be true for you.

  8. orbvab: Google also knows when you're talking about it behind its back.

  9. I knew it!!! Google is Santa Clause!!!!

  10. Thanks everyone. I guess it's the toss up - traffic, versus consistency. I guess WordPress is not the ideal engine to build a standalone blog.

  11. thestrum - you actually have your own answer. Use categories instead of tags.

  12. thestrum, there are also advantages in this strategy. Like this, people looking for a certain subject will find related blogs and this brings traffic to your blog, too. It's a nice tool to discover unknown blogs and to use tags in a more powerful and useful way than simply categorizing your contents only.

    Vivian, categories behave exactly the same as tags in this matter: the list in the category widget contains internal links, the linked categories listed under the post lead to the global tags.

  13. Not to mention that the global tag system gives a massive boost in terms of SEO. Not substantial. Massive. I'm on the front page of Google for more terms than I can list, including "Albanian explosion" where I outrank virtually every news service on Earth. It's a very powerful visibility tool.

  14. It's true. I source all my Albanian explosions from Raincoaster these days. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  15. What can I say? Standards are dropping everywhere!

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