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Tags To Your Blog Only

  1. This is a suggestion about tags and categories. Whenever I click on the tags or categories it is a WordPress tag.

    Is there a way to look for all of my posts under the same tag just searching the blog and not all of WordPress? And if not, then as I said, it is my suggestion so that I don't keep searching for my previous NFL posts.

    My website is

  2. Use categories if that's what you want to be able to do.

  3. Sorry, wrong answer. It should work that if you click on the tag or category list or cloud in the sidebar, that will take you to posts within your blog. Only if you click the tag/category listed under the post does it link to the global tag facility.

  4. Oh okay so just add that widget? Alright thanks!

  5. Categories, Category Cloud, and Tag Cloud Widgets will give you the local archive links.

  6. Not categories, bubel. Only the category & tag clouds.

  7. Yes, it works. I have always used the Category widget on my blog, and it has always linked locally. It's only the ones on the post itself that link globally.

  8. I didn't mean the category widget. I meant the categories on the post. If you click on the categories on the post, it take you to the global pages.

  9. Oh, yes. I was referring to the Categories Widget.

  10. OK, to be clear: the category widget, the category cloud widget and the tag cloud widget are local. The categories and tags on posts are global.


  11. Bingo.

  12. Can you make it so that categories on posts are NOT global?

    That's the functionality that I would like.


  13. As I understand it, there is a lot of Google juice associated with the global tag pages. But I know that having the tags & categories only be local has been requested a lot

  14. It's one of the most often requested things, but staff have said repeatedly they aren't going to do that for blogs on WordPress.COM. They do work that way automatically on all independent installs of WordPress, so if that's something you really need, look into that. But you're going to drop off a cliff in terms of SEO. I'm serious.

  15. what is SEO ?

  16. but really how valuable is this traffic? its just like a crap load of useless people trampling thru, with only minority interested... it doesnt help me, but i guess it probably helps with the ad clicks and all that link to link to a cloud of cloudiness.... this sucks

  17. If you don't like it, leave. There are plenty of other blog options if you don't like the free service that offers.

  18. tgfop, the middle privacy option on Settings / Privacy ("block search engines") will make all of your tag and category links point to your own blog instead of to the global tag lists.

  19. Now that's the first time I've heard that!

  20. "If you don't like it, leave" ... what are you like 5 years old?
    hopefully if i decide to purchase something from wp you wont be included, with this kind of "support"

    tellyworth: thanks, but for example if i got a domain going, is that going to work the same?
    ... would i have to purchase "custom css" thing so i can edit the theme or whatever html has those setup?

  21. The Settings / Privacy option works the same with or without a domain. Custom CSS doesn't let you edit HTML and won't help.

  22. That is also the first time I've heard about this, although it does make sense. I'd expect that to be a VERY popular option once the word gets out.

    tgfop: what are you paying rosclarke for her support? If you're unsatisfied, you are of course entitled to a full refund.

  23. this sucks

    Such a mature response to something you don't like.

  24. "what are you paying rosclarke for her support?"

    read: "if i decide to purchase something" does not mean the present.

    "Such a mature response"
    thanks again for great input x2, and for going back to find something to pick on.

  25. This feature should be two separate functions -- (1) Visible to Search Engines and (2) Local/Global Tags. There is no reason why the two should be forced to be together.

  26. @ Raincoaster I thought the word already was out. I learned about that a long time ago from someone very experienced in the forums (for some reason, I thought it was you; but maybe it was a staff person)!!! Heck, I suggested it to another OP, just a few days ago :P But I do agree with member udrt, that it would be great to have 2 separate functions.

  27. Cnn anyone help? I accidently delected the "photography" in the cloud tag. Any chance that I can add it back possibly with the same number of posts.Thanks

  28. @diamond, raincoaster posted on October 31. It's now December.

    @visuallens, how did you delete the tag? Did you go to Tags and delete it? If you have, you will probably have to add them back manually. If the tag is just not appearing on your tag cloud, it is probably still there, just not showing because it is not one of your top tags.

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