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tags v categories

  1. Although I searched around, I couldn't find a post or article that explains the difference between "tags" and "categories." Both are options for a post and I'm not sure which to use, so I've been using Categories. Thoughts?


  2. dissfunktional

    A Category for example could be: Sports
    Tags: Redskins, Jim Zorn

    for a story on the new coach for the Redskins, Jim Zorn

    A category you'll use often, tags will be relating to that story

    Categories - Plants, Flowers
    Tags - roses, tulips, carnations

    If you were doing a story on roses, tulips and carnations.

    Does that help?

  3. The difference is largely organizational, for your readers.
    categories are usually broad and you may have just a few for your blog.
    tags are more descriptive and more diverse.

    since there are different widgets for categories and tags,
    this will help readers find topics in your blog in a more organized fashion.

    Happy readers make happy bloggers!

  4. I'm doing my blog on weight loss - do my tags have to be repeated on each post?

  5. Yes, you need to add tags to each post.

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