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    Which is more effective at getting a blog out there on the web, the category assigned to each posting OR the tags assigned to each posting…thank you!



    I find that tags are more effective. I only use a few categories on my blog, so maybe it depends on how many categories you have.



    As far as search engines are concerned, tags and categories are the exact same thing.



    but tags might be better because you use more tags then you would categories, so using tags could be more effective. for example, if you write about poetry you may use the category “poetry” but for tags you might state a few specific things you mentioned in the poem or the names of the different people you used in the poem. At least thats how I look at it.


    You can think of tags as subcategories that allow you to further identify what the post is about.

    As an example, you might have a category called Restaurants and then use tags such as vegetarian, mexican, italian, chinese, thai, BBQ, etc.

    As mtdewvirus says though, as far as search engines go, they do not make any distinction between the two.



    I, frankly, think the opposite of most people: I use categories exclusively, if only because you can convert a category into a tag, but not the other way around. I’m overcautious.

    Conventional wisdom is that Categories are like departments or chapters, and tags are sub-headings or the stuff you’d find in the index of a book. Much smaller.



    Thanks folks!


    Actually you can convert tags to categories. Go to the converter page and it’s to the right at the top. I tend to use more categories than tags as it’s easier to search for posts using the category drop down or list on the page. Also easier for my readers to use.

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