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  1. I recently joined, and have made alot of posts, and want people to follow me, but I need people to actually see my posts, when writing a post do I add lots of tags or categories? which is better to get more peoples attention?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Tags and categories are both treated the same by the search engines so from that standpoint there is no advantage to one or the other.

    Categories are actually an internal thing that allows you to organize your posts by subject so that it is easier for a visitor to find all your posts on a particular subject. Take a look at this support document comparing tags and categories. Here are some additional links to posts by Timethief regarding categories and tags.

    One Warning: Do not use over a total of 12 tags + categories or you risk getting excluded from the global tags pages and search engines start to get suspicious if you include too many tags.

  3. >>>treated the same by the search engines
    I've wondered about that, now I know
    >>>Do not use over a total of 12 tags + categories
    or risk excluded from global tags pages
    >>>and search engines get suspicious

    Good answers, thanks for replying.

  4. You are welcome.

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