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Tags: widget other than tags cloud?

  1. Would like to list tags used by posts on my blog. There is a widget for a tag cloud but that goes from small to very large words with only a couple of entries -- looks tacky.

    I can list categories or put them in a cloud.

    Can I just list tags?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Depends on your blog: can we get a link to it, starting with http?

  3. I'd like to know, too. The tag cloud IS messy, and not all tags show up in the cloud, so if I want to group posts by a tag in a link, I can't do it unless it's one of the more frequently used tags.

  4. Right now all we have at wordpress.COM is the tag cloud.

  5. Bummer. Is there a way to get ALL tags to show up in the cloud, regardless of the mumber of entries?

  6. No, the tag cloud is limited to the 45 most used tags. The reason for this is that some blogs have hundreds of tags (I personally know of one with over 800 total). If all of them were shown, the tag cloud widget would be half-mile long.

  7. Hmmm...seems like a good reason to present tags in something other than a cloud format, no?

  8. The only other choice would be a pulldown (at least for those with many tags) and I don't know about everyone, but very long pulldowns drive me crazy.

  9. You can always do a text widget with a link to each local tag, but it's tedious.

  10. A long pulldown would only drive one crazy when one would open it, and one would only open it if one were looking for a particular tag, something one cannot do with a tag cloud because all tags are not included. I look at tags as an index to the site. With the cloud only option, tags are, well, kinda useless for that purpose.

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