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Tags within WordPress blog vs. Keyword Seach

  1. Hi,

    Don't laugh, I really don't know. Are "tags" words that you can choose to let other wordpress users find you? I think I am looking for where to enter keywords so internet users can find me since I use my blog for business.

    In anticipation of needing it, I have downloaded the keyword plug in.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Tags are your sites keywords for search engines...

  3. If you have downloaded a plugin and applied it to your blog, you don't have a blog. We can't use plugins.

  4. I see that you do have a blog. tags will still help search engines find you. Moreover, your posts will be displayed on global tag listings. But like raincoaster said, no plugins here:

  5. what's a plug in?

  6. heleneodette - a plugin is a nifty little piece of software that can extend a self-hosted installation. They are not permitted on

  7. love the word niffty!
    extend a self hosted ....... installation
    sorry right over the top of my head
    don't worry answering as i'm sure it's really complicated to expalin
    i know what a witget is!
    is there an example of a plugin anywhere
    url would be nice!
    i take it you don't have any on yr wordpress site
    will take a peak for links on yr blog

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