Tags without permanant categories.

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    WordPress has this wondeful facility by which posts get categorized and are easy to track. This is true for ecelectic blogs. However if you write on a topic only once say health for instance and you don’t want that to appear permanantly in the category, how does one do that? If you dont do that, the no of categories goes on increasing.One wants to take advantage of the tag but does not want it to appear as a permanant category. How can one ensure that if possible?



    I’d use a larger tag, like Science or Biology. If it doesn’t fit into another tag I use regularly and I don’t think I’ll be posting on that topic again, I just leave it Uncategorized.



    I agree on using Uncategorized as well and not displaying the categories within your sidebar.



    I’m confused by this. Aren’t tags a way for people to find something specific to their interests?

    Say I want to talk about the magnificent handling of my DUCATI and I give an example of cornering on roads in WISCONSIN. If I can only go with general tags, like MOTORCYCLES or PLACES, how does someone who is looking for information about DUCATIS in WISCONSIN find my post?

    I’m completely vexed by the long list of “categories” on my site. Even if I choose to display my categories in a hierarchy, I still get a long list, with no apparent delination between categories and sub-categories (which should rightfully be called “tags.”)

    If I was reading someone’s site and saw a huge list of “uncategorized” posts, I wouldn’t bother. There could be good information in there, but I’m not going to go digging through the bargain bin just to find a pair of size 6 argyle socks if I can just check under CLOTHING, etc.

    This isn’t just a complaint–I would love some advice about how to fix this.



    Funny, I don’t see any long list of categories on your blog. :)

    Actually tags and categories are two seperate things. Tags are more informational links that help indexing systems like search engines and technoriti index your blog’s posts. They are use more outside of your blog while categories are more indexing for your blog and sit inside your blog. Also seems like tags point elsewhere away from your blog. (Like Technorati’s site)

    You actually should be seeing a difference between subcategories and their parents. Most themes, the subcategories sit under their parents and are indented to set them apart. Without seeing this list on your blog, we can’t tell you whats going on.

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