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Tags/Categories point to

  1. I'm using the Hemingway theme --

    In my bottom menu, the category links correctly point to

    However, in my post both the category and tag links point to:

    regardless of whether it is a category or tag.

    Is this a bug? or inconvenience?

  2. No. This a new and very exciting feature of the new Web 2.0 WordPress. You do the work. They get the traffic and the money. Naturally.

  3. For reference, here's the main thread in which this is discussed:

  4. (@atthe404-that would be Web Pooh Oh!)

    Since Judy posted the discussion link, I won't repeat myself here. :)

  5. jennifer, thanks for that "Web Pooh Oh" -- made me happy! ;-)

    both new Tags and old Cats in the post will always be pointing into GT, otherwise it'd be too easy quit off the gaming by simply not using either of them.

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