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    recently removed a catergory from my blog and instead added the same name as a tag.
    But now if i click on that tag, a wordpress page shows up with 0 articles, when there should be about 5.

    any ideas?



    You would have to reassign tags to each of the posts in question. It (wordpress software) would not know you wanted tags of the same name as the old category.


    Hi Bazaarofdreams.

    I beleive i did that.

    remove the catergory and then added the same name as a tag.

    could it juist be there is a delay before it gets implemented?



    bazaarofdreams meant that you need to go to Edit in your posts to reassign each tag.


    yes I did

    click on the tag Fuengirola apartment for sale. Notice the wordpress page as no articles.


    i might have fixed the issue.

    deleted the tag from the article. then added it again and it appears to work now…

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