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  1. Hey all! I just made a new blog! I am a young writer/poet and I would love some feedback on my work, follow if you like! Thanks a bunch :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I love a bit of poetry, yours seems pretty deep and meaningful which is the total opposite of mine-they're short comical pieces.
    I also like the simple layout of your blog, it compliments the writing well.
    Don't want to barge in but if you fancy reading a bit of silly poetry here's mine-

  3. @ladyyt
    Hello there. I read your poetry and left a comment. In this thread you have asked for feedback and I do have some to offer.

    Your About Me page is concise. You get to the point and I like that. Would you consider posting your image there? I think it would add a personal touch that readers would approve of.

    Header: If you like you can customize your theme so it's more "you" and less "off the rack" in appearance. You are using the Tarski theme and it does allow for a custom image header.

    The best approach is to optimize the image and preisize it to be an exact fit prior to uploading it into your blog here > Appearance > Header. Images of exactly 720 × 180 pixels will be used as-is.

    The reason for preparing it and all images offline prior to uploading them into WordPress is that when the cropper comes into play image quality is lost. (The result of uploading an undersized header image is stretching and the result of uploading an over-sized image is smooshing. )

    If you need to locate free sources of images you can click my username and click into my Resources page and scroll down to "images (free sources)".

    Background: Your theme can also have a colored or a custom image background. See here > Appearance > Background. So if you do decide to create a custom header then you could also choose to use a complimentary color found in the header image for the background.

    Locating other poetry blogs:

    Promoting your poetry blog: in house blog promotion
    Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog (note the sites in the comments too)

    I hope this helps you and wish you all the best with your blog. :)

  4. There still isnt any active link?!

  5. The username link is >

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