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    Alphainventions provides an email address to request that your blog be removed: (email redacted).

    If you’ve asked to be removed from alphainventions and have been refused, please contact WordPress.com support and let us know what happened.


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    Thanks. I’ve never seen such a referral link. But wouldn’t that mean that my blog is included but no one else ever snapped up clicking on my blog? Sorry but I don’t get the point of it.



    If you’re covered by alphainventions, he also puts a post on Twitter automatically each time you update. You might get some hits from that, but I found the twitter stream too noisy and unfollowed almost immediately.


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    Ok. Thanks raincoaster.



    Well, I also found the hits generated by Alphainventions meaning less. Yes, if they can increase the time period from 5 seconds to, say 30 seconds, then it will be meaning full. Also, if they are posting at twitter about my blog.. but is it useful? I dont think so…

    Can’t we do anything against this???





    You’ll see a referral link like this in your stats

    Example copied from my stats page

    alphainventions.com 308



    I have been using alphainventions but now, I do feel a little cheated. Thank you for your view point, I never thought of it like that, but I find myself agreeing.


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    Example copied from my stats page
    alphainventions.com	308

    sorry, but that doesn’t show me a live link. That’s ok though. I get the idea.



    Sorry about that here’s a screen shot of the live link



    @rahulsonar you’ll see the email to get yourself removed right in this thread. He’s never ignored a request of which I’m aware. Just email him.



    I actually scored one real visitor via alphainventions, who even stopped long enough to leave a real comment on what he read!



    I had no idea! I have submitted to, and linked to alphainventions. But I’ll be requesting to be removed now. Unless there is some indication of there being something genuine about it.

    Today it has gone through the roof like never before. I didn’t submit either. I’ve had over 500 hits from them, but now I am deflated, it’s as if it were a bot!

    Thanks for illuninating.

    BTW I have thought alphas hits coincided with a worthy post I made, as if someone wanted to publicize it.



    Well, the news is that “Alphainventions.com will remain closed until further notice.” In defense, I have seen my blog in the cycle but not gotten any hits based on the display on my screen. With the site “down” today, I’ve already gotten over 600 hits on my post. I would think that supports what is claimed here. how could I get over 600 hits from a site that is offline?

    There are more problems with it than listed here, but I am working to build a free model that addresses these issues. As a result of my publicity on the matter, AI is now offline. I will look to bloggers such as you to provide feedback on the effectiveness of my service once it’s up and running.




    BTW, first and foremost requirement in what I am building is that a hit is only generated if/when someone clicks into your blog. Next: Only voluntary submission of your own blog is appropriate. Third: No donations, no subscriptions. Fourth: Longer cycles for viewing. Fifth: Multiple languages so that my blog isn’t competing with one in Japanese or Spanish. There are several other things I want to do and wil not go live until it’s ready. I have a T&C as well as Privacy Policy ready and will enforce them. I’m eager to go live and show the world what a service can really do for generating traffic.

    You may also want to read: http://trebord.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/new-service-coming/ or http://trebord.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/something-new-is-coming-to-the-world-of-blogging/

    Remember, I am a blogger who believes we do this because (1) we have something to say , (2) we want to be read by others, and (3) we want reader feedback. My goal is to take care of promoting # 2 and 3 as broadly as possible, while staying honest.



    @trebord I left a reply on your blog about Alpha Inventions

    AS For Alpha Invention was still up & running when I checked
    the Site 5mins ago Here’s a screen shot for proof

    Also I can’t wait to see the service That trebord, will be offering.



    There’s another site similar to AI called Condron.US that is like
    a blog roll in rotation. When it was first brought to my attention by another
    blogger the navigation buttons didn’t work & it came across as a splog
    & some of the site is site iffy in the matter of the direction their
    trying to achieve.

    Site URL



    After some other testing, it appears AI is blocking the entire subnet I used to submit blogs from. Incredible that he would go to that trouble–to create a redirect for the subnet. I will check out Condron (ironically, similar to AI in some respects). Also, I’ll get back to you as soon as we’re ready to go live. There’s some code I’m having trouble with…


    The people who don’t understand already tried.


    I’m not mad at you all. I just wish that you understand that I’m not a team like other great sites, and that I’m trying my best to improve alphainventions.com so that it suits every bloggers needs.

    More love it than hate it for now, and once the scale starts to go the other way, then I’ll shut it down.

    Jesus please help me. Can someone pray for me? I’m dead serious.


    Hey everyone!

    You may want to check this out too. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/alphainventions-scam?replies=69

    The reason the following is in the public is because the person I’m speaking about decided to take the issue to the public.

    Trebord, yes your entire subnet is blocked from alphainventions.com because you are a deceptive person who assumed I didn’t want to hear you out, and decided to slander me in public with false statements.

    I advise anyone not to make false statements about the site if you don’t understand how it works 100%. This hurts others by causing them to miss out on a valuable tool when understood, and used correctly. Man of these guys seem to understand.


    You called me a while back, and mentioned that alphainventions.com was worth $500,000 when you know it’s worth tens of millions, and just because we are both African American does not mean you will steer me into your greedy corporate plot to pay a bunch of school taught techies to clone my site in order to generate revenue. I love everybody.

    Aye Tre man!! We got black president. I’m black. So what? It’s over.

    I even grew up in housing projects take a look at how deep I am in my community. So what? http://www.thugplay.com

    Trebord you are a corporate person, and I am a regular working down to earth guy with a lot of self taught knowledge. So what?

    This goes to show you that no matter if it’s on the streets or on the net, that many of my own kind still try to bring down with with such slander.

    Here is a video that should boost creativity to help you create your own original ideas.


    What I’ve built was done by a single person with a single goal & all original methods of coding that no paid geek can touch.

    Bring it on man. A little completion sharpens your skills.

    Oh condron.us


    No comp.

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