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Taking footer in Book Lite Theme and making a sidebar

  1. I want to have a sidebar rather than a footer for my blogs. How do I change that?

    Also, how can I make the site title not all capitals?

    Thank you :))

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll help you with the second question! Do you want to change the post titles as well? If so, try changing the h1 section from
    <br /> h1 {<br /> font-size: 3.4rem;<br /> text-transform: uppercase;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> }<br />
    <br /> h1 {<br /> font-size: 3.4rem;<br /> text-transform: none;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> }<br />
    Otherwise, if you're going for just the site title, try this:
    <br /> {<br /> font-size: 4.8rem;<br /> font-style: normal;<br /> padding: 3em 0px 0.6em;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> font-weight: bold;<br /> line-height: 1.2;<br /> position: relative;<br /> text-transform: none;<br /> }<br />
    The key here is changing the text-transform from uppercase to none :)

  3. Thank you :)

  4. When I tried to change the post titles, it did not work. Do I need to fix it on the original HTML code for this theme?
    Thanks again!!

  5. For post titles you want this


    instead of this

  6. Awesome!!! THANK YOU!

  7. You are welcome.

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