Taking my site offline temporarily

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    How can I temporarily ‘hide’ my WP site? THX



    Ther is no way to actually affect this. You could go to dashboard -> options -> and uncheck the search engines box however, what they already have on you is out there.

    You could go to dashboard -> options -> and enter zero in the show at most posts box and enter zero in the feed syndication box too. But I don’t think doing these things will actually achiveve what you’re looking for.



    gotta beg dev/admins or Podz to do that if you really need.

    they and only they can temporarily suspend any blog from the ‘site-admin’ dashboard.

    dunno whether it’s a lame design or intentional behavior, but .com users have the only option to completely remove blog of [supposedly] their own (admittedly, I’m not sure who’s the real .com blog owner: .com user or Automattic Inc.)



    You could create a page with a space on it.
    Set that as the front page
    Remove all widgets except a blank text widget.
    That would not stop direct post links.

    Yes a blog could be deactivated – but depending on why you want it hidden the person(s) could then return at a later date.

    In a default WP install from wp.org you need a plugin to do this – and the same issues would remain – though admittedly you could pw protect the whole thing.



    Is someone stalking you too??

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