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taking out the wordpress in the address

  1. how do i remore the wordpress from so it simply reads takover

    also how do I ad a backround to the blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You shift to and host your own blog. Read the support documents for more.

  3. You can get buy the domain name and get the domain mapping here (both are offered for $14.97 per year):

    On the background, depending on the theme you are using, there might be a "trick" that can be used via some inline CSS in a text widget, but with some themes the only way to do it is with the paid CSS upgrade.

  4. I bought and made it the main domain but when i go to get back into the site it will not show just says it does not exist??

  5. It works on my end of the Internet. It can take a while for the name to make its way around the Internet.

  6. woord. Now how can I change the type on the blog and put a backround for the whole blog??

  7. You can change the theme at Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. Changing the background, fonts or other styling not included in the theme options will require the CSS Upgrade and extensive knowlegde of CSS.

  8. And, just a FYI kinda thing, even though you've mapped your blog to your own domain, you're still bound by the ToS.

  9. Yeah. But now I just want to change the fonts and create a background for the site

  10. Then, as husdal said, the CSS upgrade it is.

  11. Word, also on my page I have a flickr feed on the side, but none of the photos are showing up is there a way I can fix this?

  12. What URL did you use for the feed? Also, is your Flickr account set to Private?

  13. where do I find the RSS on the flickr page? it says its on my homepage but I cannot find the link!

  14. ????? please help

  15. You had to put the RSS into the Flickr widget into the first place; what did you put there?

    What is the link to your Flickr stream? The widget won't work until you put the correct information in there.

  16. jabraun - just goto your Flickr page, scroll all the way doan, and copy the link that reads 'Latest', then add that link to the Flickr widget :)

  17. on which page of my flickr is this link and where is what I am meaning to ask?

    Sorry if i am blind!

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