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Taking over a deleted URL?

  1. astrolopithecus

    I started a blog at, but I would like the drop the "scans" from the name. However, is taken... sort of. It just says, " is no longer available. The authors have deleted this blog." Is there some grace period that has to pass before I can claim that URL for myself? Or will it ever be available?

  2. Reclaim a blog

    You can’t – gone is gone forever and WordPress.COM does not recycle names, You need to choose a bit different name or buy a custom domain and map it.


  3. astrolopithecus

    Ah, okay. Sorry I missed that support article. Thank you!

  4. You be welcome & good luck

  5. What if the deleted blog in question was deleted a while back by myself, is ot possible to reactivate the name? 'jump4jay' in this case. I can't even remember why I deleted it in the first place, quite frankly. :/

    I'm not holding my breath that this will work out, but I figured that it won't hurt to ask for clarification.

    Thanks guys/gals. :)

  6. It's not possible as there is no recycling of deleted blog addresses ie. URLs even if you were the one who deleted it. There are 3 warnings and a verification link in an email required to delete a blog so that anyone who tries to delete a blog is warned there is no recycling of deleted blog URLs and reuse by anyone possible if they delete the blog.

  7. I suggest that you could purchase your own domain via a domain mapping upgrade. Then it will not matter what the sub-domain URL is.

  8. I absolutely agree, I vaguely remember all those the warnings.

    Unfortunately, domain mapping for that particular name (jump4jay) is also no longer possible. I think I had tried to delete my online identity some time ago (for reasons I don't remember). It was a regretful mistake.

    I figured I'd get the "standard" answer with my question, I respect's policy. And I appreciate your time is responding. :)

    I'll figure out an alternative.


  9. The no recycling of blog names is why we always suggest that if people are stopping their blogging and want to remove their presence from the web that they set the old blog to "Private" then keep track of the log-in stuff and don't throw away the email address so if you change your mind down the road the old name is waiting for you.

  10. Noted for future reference.

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