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    When I started here at WordPress, my name was Lucas N. Brown. When I signed up, lucasbrown (the username I had preferred) and brownianmotion (the blog title I preferred) were both taken, so I chose lucasnbrown as my username.

    Since then, my middle name has changed to Augustus, so my username, ostensibly reflecting my real name, is inaccurate; thus, I attempted to set up an account under the name lucasaugustus. That account, apparently, is not available. On a whim I went back to lucasbrown.wordpress.com and brownianmotion.wordpress.com and, to a minor degree of annoyance, found that both accounts stopped posting in the summer of 2007–the only two posts on lucasbrown are the welcome-to-wordpress post and a post saying “this better have worked matt.” and brownianmotion contains a single (albeit very large) post detailing a hike up Mount Whitney.

    Since neither blog has a post younger than three years, I believe it is safe to assume that both blogs are “dead” and reasonable to take over. Since this should be done with the blogger’s permission, I have tried to find a way to contact the controllers of lucasbrown and brownianmotion but been unsuccessful.

    Is there a way to contact either of them? If not, can a hostile takeover be effected?

    The blog I need help with is lucasnbrown.wordpress.com.



    Leaving a comment on their site that you would like to swap the name is about your only recourse unless you are lucky with a Google search somehow.

    WordPress.COM respects the privacy of the original owners absolutely. There is no direct way to contact the original owners. You could plead with the Staff but I have never heard of that working.

    Hostile takeovers are not allowed at all.



    Why don’t you just change your display name? Do that on your Profile Page, under Nickname: it’s a two-step process. First put in the desired nickname, then save. Then select the desired nickname from the drop down menu and save.



    Good catch RC – thanks


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    Also, some names are not available because wp.org people are using them for their API key (for using wp stats or askimet or other plug-ins)

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