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taking over old unused, deleted blog addresses

  1. My blog is subject-specific and the only titles that really make sense are -, - or - All other less relevant, unsatisfactory titles are already under use anyway.

    The former two, "Eden Revisited" and "Back to Eden" are still being used; .....fair enough!

    The last-named blog, "Return to Eden", however, is no longer used.
    Here is the proof. "The authors have deleted this blog"

    So how do we get it released so that it can be re-used?

    If it cannot.... we are on very dodgy ground here. If someone took a dislike to WordPress, ......he could very easily use existing sampling software to flood WordPress with every permutation of blog-address in the English language and make it impossible to open another blog.

    Surely WordPress must have a contingency to avoid this. Therefore it must be possible to release old unused blog-names, effectively by deletion.

    So, given this, how do I take over the old blog-address

  2. Deleted blog URLs are never re-used. Never.

  3. The proof went missing......!/fresh/
    returntoeden dot wordpress dot com slash hash exclamation slash fresh slash

    hope it's still there this time

  4. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    As @raincoaster stated above - gone is gone

  5. So, Raincoaster, ....a malicious poster with existing sampling software could effectively close down WordPress by exhausting all blog address permutations!

    What contingency does WordPress have to prevent this?

  6. None whatsoever. You are welcome to try, but I'd suggest blocking out a whole afternoon for it.

  7. It was either or ning that suffered this some years ago!

  8. I, personally, enjoy hearing that ning suffered.

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