Taking people's likes off or blocking some people from liking my posts

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    Taking people that like a post off the blog or blocking them. I have a person that is not liking the posts because he likes them he is doing so to promote himself. I would like the ability to have people like my posts that are really interested. Not like every post that is posted to promote themselves. I write a Moms blog for Expat Moms in Italy. I have a man now that has started to like very post that is posted. He is not even in Firenze and his blog has nothing to do with the Moms and would not be an interest to the moms. I would like to be able to stop this without disabling the like button but if I have to I will.

    The blog I need help with is firenzemoms4moms.wordpress.com.


    I have asked about moderating “likes”, but this option is not available. Some of my readers were upset when I disabled it.

    You still get likes from the Reader or the Admin bar, but they are not displayed on the blog, you just get notification. When I learned that, I was pretty upset, because I disabled likes. If disabled in one place, it should be true for all places.



    If someone is liking your posts only to spam you, go to their blog and report them as spam via the drop-down menu on the grey admin bar.


    I have asked about moderating “likes”,

    I started a thread on the Ideas board a while back. It didn’t get far.


    I just searched. I was one of the few who replied to that.

    Too bad there wasn’t more interest. If we have control over comments, we should have control over likes too, especially since likes can come from outside of the blog itself.


    I have received “like” spam from lesliecarter.com and bucket list publications. At first I thought it was a genuine like, but when I went to her site, it was clear that she had never read any of my posts. She seems to have a software crawler for wordpress.com that just finds new posts, likes them, and the asks that the blog owner follow her site. Her site turns out to be full of ads and almost no content.


    That name seemed familiar, and looking through my notifications, she liked several of my posts, but it’s been awhile. That doesn’t look like a wordpress.com blog though. If it was, it could be reported.


    She not the only one using an automated program to create likes. I tagged this thread to bring the issue to Staff attention.


    My previous post was not accurate. The automated “like” spam was from lesliecarter.wordpress.com, which redirects to Bucket List Publications. There is a rudimentary blog there, primarily to hype her pretensions to become a travel advisor. I have reported this behavior to staff as a violation of wordpress.com policy.



    leslie carter is a real nuisance!



    Click this link http:lesliecarter.wordpress.com





    Please click the “Report Abuse” button at the bottom right of the Gravatar profile of any user you think is spamming or otherwise abusing the “like” button and we will look into it. Thanks very much.


    Thank you, kathrynwp. I never noticed that before.



    So who is Leslie Carter?

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