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Taking RSS link out of Depo

  1. Hi there. RSS Feed is one of the static links among the other pages at the top my blog - is there a way to take it off? Please see link in my profile. Thanks, Matt

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the theme is widget-enabled, you should be able to just wipe the contents there by changing your widgets; just add one.

    If the theme is, as I suspect, not widget enabled, you won't be able to do this without the CSS upgrade and a solid knowledge of CSS. And if you do, there's still a chance you'll wipe out the other links, to archive, etc.

  3. Thanks. I can add/change widgets, but the RSS is still appearing as an option along the top. Weird.

  4. Interesting. Must be hard-coded in there then.

    Perhaps make a suggestion to Support that they allow people to change that, as I know a lot want to use the Feedburner RSS link instead of the WP one, for example.

  5. Thanks, will do.

  6. Raincoaster didn't notice you're referring to the Depo Masthead theme, and thought you're talking about the sidebar items (where the RSS usually shows up IF you add that widget). In Depo the RSS is a built-in feature that shows up among the header page tabs.

  7. Thank you - any way you know of changing it? Matt

  8. No, I noticed. I just don't know how Depo Masthead works, whether those were considered widgets in a sidebar or what.

  9. (@rain: ok sorry - my point was that, contrary to what we'd think, in Depo the RSS is not a widget.)

  10. Yes, thanks, and I needed to learn that. I just take the long way!

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