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    Does anybody know if this problem:

    is occurring with Talk Talk again? I’m getting really patchy service when trying to connect to my blog’s admin pages. The page loads fine when using my domain but when it has in the domain it craps out more than half of the time.

    It feels like the IWF error again. Oooh it’s working again now but who knows for how long!

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, I’m having problems too. The admin bar has stopped showing on both my blogs, and That was how it started last time this happened. I’m with Talktalk.


    it’s not just talktalk – I reported I couldn’t get to dashboard yesterday and I know many others in the same boat.
    Hoping WPress manage to sort it out quicker than last time. then I think it was limited to uk users and was some kind of security issue on servers.
    I have already tried using different browser etc etc
    Ali B



    There are a lot of people reporting similar issues, particularly with mobile devices, which leads me to think it’s an issue with your service provider.


    My issue is not with a mobile device but pc…I am with talk Talk however and in the UK…It’s only sites that are affected for me…I am going to try a different Browser.Will report back.



    Yeah I agree it’s probably something Talk Talk is doing that only affects some wordpress servers. Last time (as per the link) it was because of the automated IWF blacklisting process.

    I’m not sure if wordpress have any ability to correct this problem but I trust wordpress to figure out exactly what is going on far more than I trust Talk Talk.

    If it is the IWF thing again then it would probably affect multiple ISPs that use their blacklisting process. However it might be something different that just has a similar effect. I can get through to wordpress (and for whatever reason firefox seems to be doing a better job of it than chrome today) but it’s inconsistent enough to be really irritating.



    The rest of the internet is absolutely fine as far as I can tell. It’s localised to the domain. Same as last time.


    No Joy with chrome. All other internet sites connecting up fine. This is an issue for WordPress to try and resolve. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long.
    How long did resolution take last time around?



    Frankly, the fastest way to get the situation resolved is to phone Talk Talk. In my experience nothing whatsoever happens until they get on it from their end.

    There’s only one ISP that is doing this, and that must mean that the rest have found a technical solution that works. Talk Talk needs to do whatever it is they are doing.


    Talk Talk won’t Talk to me as my wife is the Account Holder…sheesh…Anybody had any joy calling them?


    same happening for me, UK, talk talk, so frustrating!
    And as much as I’d love to phone TalkTalk they are next to useless. Bring on the end of my contract and a new ISP.
    Hope it doesn’t take so long to sort this time.


    I’ve tweeted them … they actually usually reply to that!! fingers crossed x



    Good idea!


    Same problem. Have tweeted @TalkTalkCare with link to this page. we’ll see …


    Just tried laptop from same space via wi-fi, which is provided by Talk-Talk and can access all sites no prob. Still not possible via pc though.


    Did you get through to them at all Alessandra? I tweeted them half an hour ago and all they’ve been doing is tweeting to people who have complained about them, rather than answering direct tweets which are of a pressing concern. :/



    Mylarx – it certainly appears to have returned! That covering thread refers to HUGE problems encountered by dozens of users for well over a month, as in

    Users contacting ISPs is unlikely to solve problem of WP servers failing to load because of ISP connections issues. Respectfully suggest it’s for WP managers to crack heads, as implied in above supervisory thread.


    Have lost changes to a draft without any warnings whatsoever even after saving apparently worked normally. Just before that WP failed to load a new image. Yesterday afternoon I noticed everything was taking a while to connect and load, which made me suspicious. It reminded me of events last July!

    Unfortunately cannot use back-up from browser as it’s just auto-updated from IE10 to IE11 and it seems this updates itself frequently so there’s no difference between it and WP autosave. Tried using Chrome but that was worse!

    So will work in Live Writer and try copying/uploading rather than edit direct in WP direct.


    Hello raincoaster – appreciate your input but this is NOT just a talktalk problem.
    I am with aol (landline BT) and can’t access my sites on my PC using IE or Chrome.
    I believe last summer it was not related in the end to ISP adn did take some time to be fixed. Hoping WP peeps can give ti some attnetion – many thanks :)
    Ali B


    I am also with TalkTalk – and am having the same problems. I can get to my dashboard via my favourites link, but from there on, links do not work.


    Same here. Am on Talk Talk .Not sure if that makes a differnce ?

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