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Talk Talk 'No Data Received' error

  1. Hello I'm a talk talk customer from Bristol, having the same problems with 'no data received'. Any information on when I can expect the problem to be resolved would be great, thank you.

  2. spanishpoplyrics

    Same problem. In Chrome I can see my stats but cannot access anything else. Oddly, with Internet Explorer I can read old posts, but I still cannot edit anything. I am in the UK (talk talk).

  3. helenbarraclough

    TalkTalk is saying it's a problem with the WP server for the login server...

  4. *

    It is now 48 hours since we heard from a member of Staff.


  5. Will bombarding their twitter account (as it's the only means of communication with them) work? It will also make public the issues we're having with them and won't be great press for them.

  6. i tweeted them about 6 hours ago and have yet to receive a response.. feel free to try though!

  7. I've tweeted them a few times already but maybe us all doing it? Silly idea I know, but it's the only way to contact them.

  8. spanishpoplyrics

    This is getting annoying - a workaround is to paste your address into this

  9. I've just sent the following email to one of the so-called 'Happiness Engineers' (ha!) with whom I have been in touch off-forum, on behalf of all complainants - whether it does any good will tell its own story:
    "Are you or anyone else at WordPress doing ANYTHING about this? It seems not. It's been a week - 7 DAYS - now and WordPress still have no idea what's going on, other than asking its users to make their own enquiries via their ISPs. Pathetic. I've been patient thus far but I cannot take WordPress seriously any more. I am about to take my blog down and start all over again (at some expense to myself) with someone else just to be with a company that CARES. And when people ask me what I think of WordPress, well ... don't ask!"

  10. Fantastic! Let us know if you actually get a response. My tweets are still being ignored.

  11. Think I have it sorted. It's malware. When you open Chrome, check in the bottom left corner to see where your computer is looking for data connection.
    On my computer is was redirecting to I hadn't noticed this but my ex had a look and noticed it.
    Go to Chrome and into Settings. On the left side you'll see a list of options. Click "Extensions"
    On my computer the extension was "Downloader Keep" - hit the trash button to delete.
    Suddenly the problem is gone!! Can't believe it took my three days to fix!!
    At the moment I'm running a full malware scan and will fix any malware detected. A problem with malware is it will often keep trying to re-install itself so check the extensions again in a couple of days to check that your browser is clean. Insidious bloody thing - I'd deleted my browser data four of five times in the last few days and it didn't make a difference but clearing the extensions has e back up and running!! Hope this info will help you.

  12. alessandra1978

    swangmann I don't have that extension in the list ... :( thank you anyway

  13. Here's a reply I've had from Siobhan, Happiness Engineer:

    "The non-TalkTalk customers are likely using a provider that is closely related to TalkTalk.

    Our systems team are able to determine a person's Internet Service Provider (ISP) from information that's sent out by their computers, so far all the users on the thread are either using TalkTalk or their provider is using the same proxy as TalkTalk.

    I'm very sorry that this is happening, we're working really hard at getting it fixed for you."

  14. Thank you stryka66.

    What WordPress have said, in effect, is that it is not TalkTalk but a proxy server in the chain that several ISP's make use of.

  15. Seems like everyone is saying the problem lies with someone else !

  16. Sorry Happiness Engineer. My wife and I use the same ISP with the same connection. I've had no WP access for a week now, her blog is fine.

    Anyway, I have a life to live and don't want to waste any more time with WP. I'm taking my account elsewhere.

  17. the IWP has responded to accusations ....

    tweet from TalkTalk ‏@TalkTalkCare 30 Nov

    @LauraBloomsbury Our incidents team are contacting IWF to see why the block is in place, and why the whole domain was blocked. Karl
    IWF Hotline ‏@IWFhotline 3h

    @TalkTalkCare @LauraBloomsbury Sorry just to clarify - we would never list a whole domain. Our list is child sexual abuse URLs only

  18. Thank you eljaygee for your efforts. Its nice to know people are trying. :-)

  19. My workaround to the issue is to delete the WP cookie after every log in. Not ideal, I know, but worth doing while this is sorted out perhaps?

  20. Using

    I cannot find any indication that either my account or WP in general are being effected by the IWF. However, at this point I don't think that there can be any certainty of anything. It is possible for a hacker to disguise the cause.

    Then again, you might like to test your own URl, it might reveal something.

  21. I am having the same problem - I can see from this thread that the issue isn't resolved. Can log in to my wordpress, but when I try and post something on my blog, I get "no data received" in Chrome and "cannot display this page" in Internet Explorer. Incredibly frustrating.

    I don't know anything about cookies or malware - does anyone have any news? I do have TalkTalk.

  22. lifecatsotherthings

    Berry1985 that is the problem I get. I have just checked and my blog is not listed with IWF. I am getting increasingly annoyed and could be losing money. Are WP going to compensate us for potential loss of earnings?

  23. I think compensation here is a key factor. This was my last weekend off before Christmas - i.e. my only real chance to get all my blog posts written and queued for the next month and I haven't been able to. Really not impressed here WordPress!

    I checked my site with the IMF checker and i'm all clear. I've done a Spybot check that didn't fix anything and I don't have that extension listed in Chrome to delete (although I'm not just getting this problem in Chrome).

    I'm not too sure I believe WordPress about this issue still being related to Talk Talk - there are users all over the world experiencing this and they can't all be using ISPs that use the same proxy as Talk Talk though I'm no expert.

  24. gistofthegrist

    Yes I have been having the same issue the last few days. Not sure if is the same Talktalk problem as earlier in the year but certainly very frustrating ...

  25. My blog is now Working in the main but not perfect. Problem now is a no data received email from talktalk every half hour. Dozens of them. Something is radically wrong, some big change has happened recently.
    Armund dot org

  26. I am with TalkTalk UK. I got this problem when it first started, got back up and running again, but today I have lost contact with my blog again. I hope this gets fixed for good soon.

  27. courseofmirrors

    Right now I'm happy, able to access all my pages, link to others and leave comments. I hope the bliss lasts.

    If data continuous to flow tomorrow I'll come back to say thanks for whoever persuaded the gremlin to find mischief elsewhere.

  28. *
    It is now more than 72 hours since we have heard anything from staff.
    I've taken screen shots of the entire 7 pages.
    and will continue doing so.

  29. I'm very glad for those who have a return of service. At present I do not and no indication from WP here that the problem has been resolved.

  30. stevedustcircle

    I'm in the same boat. I have about 20 tabs open, as I was updating my LINKS section. At a stall now...

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