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Talk Talk 'No Data Received' error

  1. Right now I can access all my blog posts too. None of the slide shows work, but I can live with that for a while if my sites are actually accessible.

    mikeclayton, I take you point about being constructive and respectful, and I too love WP when it is working, but they need to respect us too and keep us informed. We are software developers and if I treated my customers this way they would vote with their feet!

  2. They, WordPress have obviously been beavering away in the background...I can access my Dashboard now and have completed a test blog...woo hoo.

  3. Better keep your fingers crossed - it's not fixed permanently. I just got this reply on another thread...

    Hi Howie,

    We have continued to work on this problem. TalkTalk is also checking into the issue as well:

    Our legal and technical team are working on resolving this, however we need further information from TalkTalk.

    The temporary patch is still in place, so you may continue to be able to access your dashboard, but it should be more than just sporadically (unless you are changing location).

  4. OK, mine is working too. Thank you paulscribbles and howiecobb for the heads up.

    But, why no response to this thread ? Why no explanation ? Why were we left hanging ? Wasn't that just contemptous ? :-/

    And, just how much Prosaic are the happiness engineers taking. :-)

  5. Mine's back too - fingers crossed it's not just a flash in the pan. If it's back for good, then well done to the Happiness Engineers - from whom I hope we will shortly receive an official notification.

  6. @grahamatlinc - silence is the limit of their prosaicness ;)
    perhaps the support team have been instructed to be non-commital to avoid bad press but ultimately it leads to unhappy customers

    back on track for me though I hope I've not spoken too soon...again!

  7. @eljaygee - quite so, and perhaps to avoid liablity too.

    It was not smart of them of behave so diffidently. I now know more about Automaticc/Wordpress/IWF and the WordPress botnet than I would otherwise have known. All have piqued my interest.

    Fare well and hope enjoy your blogging. :-)

  8. We are trying our best to resolve this issue for users, through conversations with the ISPs and other parties involved. We do understand how frustrating it is for our users not to be able to access their sites, and we want to get this sorted out as quickly as possible.

  9. Yay for you guys having it work for you again. Mine didn't work again so I used the proxy (thanks mikeclayton) to post an update for my followers. I have just refreshed and it has loaded but at 11.14pm I need to go to bed for work so can't actually do anything. Fingers crossed it's still up tomorrow so I can get posting!

    jackiedana - thanks for the vague update but might I suggest in future you provide some actual suggestions to what we can do to help - the proxy recommendation by a fellow user is a good example - a 'happiness engineer' could have provided that helpful advice 6 days ago when it happened and at least saved us some stress!

  10. Thanks to all WP people for looking at this. Mine is working for now. I know that techies ar always cautious and probably don't want to give false hope. Fingers crossed for permanent resolution of this nagging problem. (I am with aol in uk but assume they are using same servers as TalkTalk as I have been badly affected now and last summer.)

    Ali B

  11. Happiness is.........having WP working again!

    Thank you WP but please do keep us informed if this happens again.

  12. Lots of happy people here these days - including me! All seems to be working well at the moment.

    While I'm happy to thank those who have worked hard at ensuring things get back to normal I don't think it's unfair to say that the lack of response, explanation, feedback on the issue over the past few days has been poor service. I hope WP reflect on this and reconsider their policy.

  13. lifecatsotherthings

    Mine seems to be working now too. Thank you to whoever fixed the issue. It would be good to know what the problem was though.

  14. Thank you Jackiedama and team and it would be good to know the nature of the 'gremlin'.
    Grrrr... did a simple test of updating my draft post 'Fault Log' in IE11 and it got disconnected !! So tried doing it on Chrome and that was ok and running fast, then on updating it found it too failed to save. Then I noticed router showed no internet light!! Re-booted and was able to get back to Admin and nearly everything is ok now.

    However, I notice my Dashboard has been re-arranged and list of draft posts at top right has disappeared and Stats moved up into its place. This is a nuisance as that's where I go to continue writing. Is that a related fault??

    Endorse dyfedwyn'sand many other's comments and requests for improved liaison.

  15. We're interested in knowing what the issue is as well. The block was put in place by TalkTalk and the ISPs working off a common system. As of the moment, we haven't heard back from them on why they issued the block nor that they removed it.

    Like jackiedana said, we know how frustrating this is and trust me, it is for us too. We work hard to provide and to have so many of our users unable to access their site or others on while having our hands a bit tied is maddening.

    We'll continue to post updates to this thread. Thanks again for your patience. If any of you have received an explanation from your ISP, please do let us know.

  16. annabellefranklinauthor

    Thank you WP for your efforts to sort it out

  17. Many thanks kraftbj. If this issue can be specifically identified then I'd suggest everyone on this thread log a complaint under that 'tag' with TT and, of course, requesting compensation for loss of service.

    If we were all to use the same 'tag' from your communications with them they'd know it's the same issue and their engineers won't be able to fob us off with basic stuff - it may make them sit up and take notice! (Have recently had chunks of money back from our energy supplier, and our bank, so a 3rd source would be another blessing :-)

  18. I find it a little disturbing that a major player like WP is left in the dak like this - and that it seems they have so little clout with ISPs. Or am I being unfair?

  19. I came home early from work to blog and what do I find? It's not working again!!!!

    Really not impressed.

  20. That's why I'm unable to moderate a comment then!

  21. I feel ashamed that the UK how has to join the list of countries like North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia who block WordPress because they have issues with some of the blogs.

  22. . I have been in direct contact with TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding's office over this, and they are trying to claim that the Internet Watch Foundation 'ordered' them to block a WordPress site, even though its actually just a voluntary body. Their tecchies were working on it following my complaint so I think it may have had the desired effect.

  23. Hi barryturnbull, that is really interesting and if this is the cause of the problem why did they not get WP to take this site down, rather than get the ISP to block it?

  24. Ta muchly barry... (shame on 'happiness' engineers weren't able to tell users). Think probably encountered source of this issue in my comments spam folder so...
    STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE CHECKS THEIR SPAM FOLDERS as I've just found two comments on my recent posts and whose Authors are shown in Chinese script. They are very supportive of my posts BUT close in suggesting I visit their sites, which are linked to porn!!

    I came upon them accidentally as nothing had been flagged for my moderation. (I'd accidentally deleted my own reply to a comment. So I went hunting to restore it and found that defiling junk.) Will provide full addresses to WP on separate thread.

  25. Thanks for the above tips!

  26. The Internet Watch Foundation told me that they only approach UK ISPs when illegal URLs are reported to them, not the hosts. This makes their job much easier of course, especially since they have just been given a £1m sweetener from Google of America. I have warned TalkTalk that disrupting business websites could leave them open to civil litigation in the event of lost revenue. I am not impressed that the 'happiness engineers' I have contacted personally have not responded and neither has Automattic. When I get an official explanation from TalkTalk, I'll let everyone know.

  27. Meanwhile to read about this issue:

  28. I checked me Spam folder and I had similar comments too. I didn't follow the links just in case. Needless to say I deleted these comments from the folder!

    One give-away as to their true origin was the phrase 'I think your writing style is awesome'. I'm good ... but not that good ;-)

  29. "Security Fears Re-emerge Over UK ISP TalkTalk and Huawei Internet Filter", here

    The story gets messier and more concerning.

    One tweet from TalkTalk that I saw stated, in response to a complaint about lack of access to WordPress, that the customer had been "recategorised" which fixed the problem.

    But, in the light of the article above, TalkTalk may not be in control. Claims that it is the IWF may be genuinely believed. It might be that the real cause is camouflaged during or after the event. Certainly the IWF state that they only seek to block specific URL's.

    It seems clear that nobody really knows what has been happening and that we absolutley need to know. It is the only way the ISP's, hosts and users can find protection.

  30. @barryturnbull -- How did you try to contact us? I see a thread from about a week ago that confirmed your issue was related to the IWF/TalkTalk issue. If you have contact information for someone at that level at TalkTalk, I can happily pass it along to our senior systems and legal folks. I'll send you an e-mail in a few moments.

    As soon as a suspected site is reported to us, we take action on report (typically within a day). During the last episode, our understanding from the IWF was that they don't actively block sites themselves, but pass sites that are potentially at issue to the ISPs. The ISPs can block (or not) the site based on how they would like. It appears that TalkTalk is blocking at the IP level instead of at the domain level (e.g. instead of blocking, it blocks the IP addresses used to reach's servers).

    In this case, as of Nov 27th, IWF reported to us that "there is nothing on WordPress on the IWF list at present".

    I hear your frustration and share it. I wish we could wave a wand and fix everything. We'll keep this thread updated as we know more.

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