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    Thank you Jackiedana for a very sensible contribution.

    The thread and the sticky post need changing or replacing with something like “Service Interruption”. Further, more information may help. That is if WP is paying attention. So:-

    Location: East London
    ISP: TalkTalk
    Access: Dashboard view and Reader Pop-Ups (but not the original post). No ability to write to anything.
    Exception: Full useage using a 3G mobile Broadband.
    Other: Indication of an invalid SSL certificate.

    Let’s give them some details and hope it helps.



    Oh Dear. I meant thank you Peysword.



    The IWF were involved in an issue with a free webspace provider I used a few years ago. They kept having big chuniks of numbers blocked and asked questions later. They threw out a net to catch one, and many others got caught in it. I don’t know what was done behind the scenes to resolve it (it happened about 5 times over a year or so in the UK) but it was resolved.

    As the IWF works internationally, it would be interesting to find out if WP has been told of any child abuse images on WP. I’m guessing not, but it would be REALLY helpful of the IWF to warn people if indeed this is what is causing the problem.

    As I can access all of my WP stuff on a different pc (at the library) and edit to my hearts content, not so on my own pc. The clues are there.



    I can now write posts and all services seem restored. Except that I cannot access most other blogs (except the via the Reader Pop Up) and cannot leave a comment.



    No, Its Gone Off Again, Completely




    You’re welcome. People should be able to confirm whether their ISP uses Opal as their carrier by calling their ISP’s support desk and asking the question. This might also help if the problem is with Opal (rather than individual ISPs), as if enough ISPs start poking Opal as well, it might prompt them to look more deeply into matters.

    As it is, I’ve now had zero access to anything outside of my Admin pages since around 13:30 GMT. I’ve been able to access Admin via https://.



    … And no sooner do I post the above comment than access is restored. Wheee. Fun.



    I’m a talk-talk customer and have been unable to access my, or any other wordpress blog for at least 24 hours.



    I flagged this up to WP a few days ago, and still await resolution – I’m with TalkTalk in Lincolnshire, UK – ditto, the problem of no access to admin/dasboard, hence no new posting or editing material – very frustrating, indeed – would appreciate more effective communication from WP



    I’ve been having this issue for the last week almost. I therefore haven’t been able to blog since last weekend which is extremely frustrating! I can log in, look at stats but when I try and go to my posts from the dashboard I get this error message. I can’t even look at my blog as a ‘visitor’ but my otherhalf can from his computer. I’m with Talk Talk.

    I’m going to start researching alternative blogging sites to use because i’m trying to run a business alongside a fulltime job and I could do without this kind of rubbish wasting my time. I’m sure i’m not the only one feeling this way. Any recommendations people?



    I’m now unable to access my or any other sites, including dashboard. The service interruption was patchy at first but now seems completely blocked. Very frustrating – and it took a long time for me to find out this was a general issue. Why not inform bloggers there’s a problem so we don’t waste half a day trying? Yes I’m with talktalk but it sounds like this is a more general problem.



    My thoughts exactly annasayburn this has clearly been going on a few days and no one at WordPress thought to tell everyone. I’ve tweeted the WordPress account multiple times and got nothing back. This is disgraceful.



    I’m still getting problems. ISP: Phone Co-op. Location: Yorkshire. Access: Intermittent for the last 5 days. (and the ‘latest likes and comments’ button sometimes malfunctions).

    In July, when I had the same problem for 6 weeks, and it was believed to be due to IWF, the Phone Co-op told me I could go on to their IP service which uses BT equipment, and that BT didn’t subscribe to IWF (? yet?). As this would have entailed extra cost I didn’t take up the offer, so I’m still on their LLU (local loop unbundled) service. As a non-techy person this means nothing to me! I’ll ask them about Opal Telecom soonish. Last time round the problems eventually, and quite suddenly, disappeared. But if it goes on as long this time methinks WP won’t have many members.



    Regarding the Internet Watch Foundation issue mentioned above, here is twitter conversation i had earlier with TalkTalk Care >

    @TalkTalkCare hi, i’m unable to access any sites. been advised this is a talktalk issue. please advise asap thanks

    @MummaEJ Hi, there is an issue with wordpress affecting many providers. Looks like it is blocked by IWF. Karl

    @TalkTalkCare wow.. ok. so in its entirety is blocked, rather than individual users? is that official?

    @MummaEJ It looks that way, Our incidents teams are trying to find out why whole domain is blocked rather than just the offending users.

    sooo i’m not sure how big a pinch of salt to take this with or what to believe really.. just want my blog to be functioning normally again.



    Six weeks?! That’s terrible. I’ve only been with WP for three weeks! I’ve only paid for a domain name but I think I should be considering a refund and moving over to blogger.



    Interesting info above. I’ve no idea whether this is even possible but it’s more than we’re getting from WP.



    Thanks for the info bpstainton!

    Six weeks and I won’t be using this place anymore, I can guarantee that!



    *** Straightforward question to
    *** Are you in dispute with the Internet Watch Foundation.
    *** Have you refused or failed to remove blacklisted accounts

    No answer will be taken as a yes.

    Note: The IWF is ony concerned with child abuse and is EU funded.



    From the IWF website:

    “We are the UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content

    Child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world

    Criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK

    Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK

    Reports are confidential and can be made anonymously”

    I think (I’m surmising) that the IWF takes everything down that’s reported via the ISPs, ( and includes blocks of IP addresses and suspsected sites), and no one really communicates what is going on to the people who should be informing peeps like us.

    This was my experience with the other site I mentioned a few years ago.



    It is great to read all the comments and assumptions here that are not going to change a thing but can we have a comment from WP when it is likely that we will be able to use our Blogs again?

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