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  1. Hi-my blog is .

    I know this may be the wrong place to post but from someone who occasionally writes on 'touchy' subjects, I would be interested if a member of staff can tell me under what circumstances they give information to the 'authorities'.

    The reason for my question is I understand a blog based in England 'Tallbloke's Talkshop' has been the subject of a notice from the US Dept of Justice to requesting personal information concerning his blog . Do automatically comply with these types of requests or are there hurdles the authorities have to go through ? Click to read his story .

    I am also based in Britain - is my blog under US law or British law, or both ?

    Hoping a knowledgable member of staff is lurking . I realise you won't be able to comment on Tallblokes personal postion but a general reply would be appreciated . Thanks .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please contact staff directly. We volunteers cannot help with such a question.

  3. This will give you a bit of general background:

  4. Auxclass - thanks for the info . Not very comforting but good to know .

  5. Thanks from me too; for some reason I couldn't think of what to search for…

  6. You be welcome

    On the good side - WordPress.COM seems to come down on the side of freedom of speech

  7. I know WordPress is pretty good about freedom of speech . Unfortunately, I realise they have to comply with the law and this is pretty draconian . One letter and all your personal info can be handed over but is a sign of the times .

  8. Reference link: support documentation > Disputes: Defamation, Court Orders, Subpoenas, Privacy

  9. Outside of your blog contents WordPress.COM retains very little info about you - your email, blog account names, user name and the IP address you logged in from - they don't even know your real name unless you give it to them. And as noted in the Forum many many times and the link above - it takes a court order to get even that little info.

    The subpoena looked a bit boiler plate to me telling WordPress.COM not to delete anything - stop the shredder is sort of standard. The bigger deal was the computers taken by the British Police.

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